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Book of Photography Tips

October 10, 2017
Words by Nicole Dusanek
Photos courtesy of Andrew Darlow

Looking back through the photos from your wedding you have moments captured that will last forever. The wedding photographer made sure of it, creating images of the memories you’d want to reminisce on. But what about the honeymoon? The anniversaries? A professional photographer cannot follow you throughout your entire life, unless you learn the skills to take beautiful photos yourself with a book of photography tips.

Now-a-days, anyone can snap a picture with their smart phone to post across their social media outlets. However, not as many people know the in and outs of camera equipment to take photos off the ‘auto’ setting. This is where Focus and Filter by Andrew Darlow comes in, a book that can help anyone learn to take photos that go beyond a Snapchat or Instagram post.

Focus and Filter is a portable masterclass of 50 photographic tips and challenges to give readers not only advice, but ways to put that advice into action. It allows readers to practice and learn at their own pace while developing skills such as choosing the right lens and aperture, shooting dynamic motion photos, capturing images through glass without reflections, photographing animals, fireworks, miniatures, children and pets.

Anyone who wants to take their photos to the next level can learn much from Darlow’s clear and forthright style in Focus and Filter.

Be your own photographer. Have photos the quality of your wedding photos throughout the rest of your life, by picking up a book and learning how to make the most of your camera.

To purchase or learn more about Focus and Filter by Andrew Darlow, click here.

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