Boujee Bridesmaids’ Gift Box

December 20, 2019
Words by Lauren Ertl
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Gift Ideas for Winter Weddings Away

So, you want to spoil your bridesmaids for your winter wedding away? After all, they did travel from near and far to celebrate your special destination wedding day. We’ve rounded up several products that are sure to have the gals relaxed and ready to party all day with you. We want to treat this like a true shopping trip (even though all of these items can be ordered online), so grab a basket and let’s get going on crafting those boujee bridesmaids’ gift boxes!

1. Satya Jewelry: Profusion of Blessings Bracelet Set

The first thing to go in the basket is the gift of unconditional love and a little goddess power with this crystal bracelet set by Satya Jewelry. I got the chance to wear the set and felt the love right away! Not to mention, pink is my favorite color! The Satya website describes the product: “This stretch bracelet trio features Lakshmi, goddess of prosperity and abundance. Beads of cherry quartz deliver hope, clarity and healing as rose quartz imparts unconditional love and compassion.” What bride doesn’t want her bridesmaids to bring some good juju into their ceremony? (P.s. If you’re looking to give different chakras or specific colors, their site has pretty much every positive emotion and crystal you can think of!)

2.  MeMoi: Hard Sole Slippers

We love these slippers because they can be worn outside or in the comfort of your own home. In this case, your bridesmaids will have warm, cozy feet while getting ready with you! MeMoi describes them: “Hard at the bottom, soft where it counts, our hard sole slippers keep your feet secure on any type of floor while keeping you comfy.” The options of styles range from mules to fur open toes, so (depending on the style you decide on) you can even have your gals walk down the aisle in these puppies. Put ’em in the cart and let’s go!

3. Erno Laszlo: Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask

The next thing to pick up are these cooling eye pads. Erno Laszlo describes them: “A silky, all-in-one hydrogel eye patch formulated with a powerhouse of ingredients to improve the appearance of under-eye dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles.” Your bridesmaids will surely appreciate the facial glow for the photo session coming their way. Plus, you all can enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating before the hard work of getting ready comes full force. 

4. Azazie: Dainty Wrap & Sincerity Faux Fur Wrap

Next up for the basket is a warm surprise. The Dainty Wrap and Sincerity Faux Fur Wrap are just about the softest things I’ve ever felt. Your gals will not only be warm and stylish in these wraps, but you may find them petting their soft faux furs throughout the day! Azazie describes these products: “These elegant faux fur wraps feature a soft silk lining. Both comfortable and stylish, wear this to your next winter event.” I know just the winter event to dawn these fuzzies at and just the girls to wear them.

5. Elyx Boutique: Copper Tiny Tini Martinis

Finally, we’ll add a little something for your girls to clink and drink with! These adorable Copper Tiny Tini Gift Sets, a set of two 3oz copper martini coupes, are designed to be the perfect size for a tiny, colder martini. Created as miniature replicas of their full-size counterparts, the Copper Tiny Tini Coupes emanate the aura of romance and elegance… or in this case, party! 

Now that your basket is full, all that’s left to do is figure out wrapping… Which, admittedly, is not my area of expertise, so take to Pinterest for that. 

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Satya Jewelry (1st); MeMoí (2nd); Erno Laszlo (3rd); Azazie (4th); Elyx Boutique (5th)

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