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5 Tips to Flawless Skin

March 4, 2019
Words by Jennifer Stein
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I’m no stranger to skin issues. Being one who fights adult acne on the regular (and have since I was 12 years old), as well as aging sensitive skin, my issues run deep. I always cringe a little when we get samples, as I never know how my skin will react and if I’ll be dealing with new breakouts or a new miracle. The below products passed the test for quality, price and actually doing what they say they will.

1. Don’t Hate – Exfoliate

Dew Puff is a replacement for your washcloth. I used three different ones – all aimed to function much the same way…to softly clean your skin using your normal cleanser or face wash. My favorite one was the Bamboo Charcoal Dew Puff as it’s meant for acne-prone skin and can be used solo or with your favorite cleanser. But, if you don’t suffer from this ailment as I do, they have other options such as the Asian Clay Dew Puff and the Original Dew Puff. With the retail price of $7 each and a life cycle of three months, you can’t go wrong with this addition to your skin care regimen. My only complaint is the string that is attached to allow you to hang it up to dry is a tad bit short and hard to handle when wet. Otherwise, I give this product my full endorsement.

2. Heal the Pain

This is a life saver for those of you choosing tropical, sunny locales for your wedding or even just as an after-summer soother. Chuda Healing Hydrating Cream is a life saver. There, I said it. This cream made my sunburn go from a level 8 (lobster bake anyone?) to a level 5 (sexy tan with a hint of pink) the very next day. I also use it as an eye cream on dry days on top of my normal products and always see a little more glow in my skin when I use it. It’s a bit on the pricier side, but totally worth the splurge as it does what it claims. $150 for 50 ml size.

3. Tan at Home

Nothing makes me feel a little lighter and brighter than a solid tan. I don’t have time to sit outside and get my much-needed vitamin D, so a self-tanner or spray tan is usually my go-to. There are three issues I run into when I’ve tried different products: unpleasant odor, streaking or unnatural color. Chocolate Sun sent a line of samples to us, so we could try them out. I’m happy to report that not only did the scent make my mouth water for a chocolate bar, but I didn’t have any streaking and the color was warm and natural looking. On top of delivering a beautiful, streak-free, pleasant smelling tan, Chocolate Sun also does all this with natural, botanical ingredients. $40 for a 8 oz bottle of Cocoa Glow Tanning Cream for Face & Body.

4. Sculpt Your Skin

Contouring is all the rage. We’ve seen video after video of people doing it right…and VERY wrong. jane iredale has taken the guess work out with her new line of GreatShape Contour Kits, giving you three simple colors: a highlight, blush and contour color in either warm or cool. The best part of the kit is it comes with a highlighting guide depending on your face shape. They also offer a Blending and Contour Brush, which keeps the product in the places you want it – just furthering the impact. The kits run for $49 each and the brushes start at $41 each.

5. Ice Your Face

This tip is from my very own arsenal of skin clearing tricks. The best part? It costs nothing AND may be one of the most transformative things you can do to your skin. After you’ve cleansed your skin and before you’ve applied your product, take a large piece of ice and rub it across your face – into every pore, for as long as you can stand it. If you have an active breakout, focus your attention there, using circular motions when going over the area. One way to make this easier is to fill a small, paper Dixie cup with water and freeze it. This way, you can peel away the paper cup to expose the ice and it keeps your hands from getting too cold. It also makes it easier to hold. I prepare a bunch of these at once so I always have them on hand. The idea behind the ice is that it restricts your pores, pulling your product (once you do apply it) deeper into your pores and it also kills the bacteria that cause pimples of any kind. One more perk – it reduces inflammation, so doing it both in the morning and at night will give you a healthy glow with less puffiness!

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Dew Puff (1st & 5th), Chocolate Sun (2nd & 4th), Chuda (3rd) & jane iredale (6th & 7th).

Note: This article was first published on October 16, 2018.

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