Ask the Expert: Bride on a Budget

June 10, 2013
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of The Innovative Bride

Whether you are a destination or hometown bride, usually the same budgetary concerns will be keeping you awake at night. Never fear, the Innovative Bride is here! Author Susan Finch has created a book on the “how-tos” for planning your dream wedding on a budget. Jam-packed with helpful tips for: 

-luxury destination weddings that actually make you money
-60-80% discounts on flowers
-Free and discounted alcohol
-Discounted reception packages
-Getting a discount on your dream dress
-Tax deductible wedding favors
-Low cost invitations
-Cost effective printers
-Saving on excessive postage costs
-How to get your make-up professionally done free              
-How to get more cake for less money
-The innovative wedding registry
-No cost airfare
-Tricks to finding a free honeymoon suite
-How to receive money from your guests without even asking
-How to plan a cruise wedding – paperwork, licenses and much more!

Budget destination weddingsWith an average wedding costing $20,000-30,000 it may seem impossible to get the dress you love by cutting corners, but the Innovative Bride shows you how. This e-book contains page after page of cost cutting tips and problems solving techniques for any bride-to-be. Complete with a lifetime money back guarantee, The Innovative Bride is a must read for any couple taking the plunge!


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