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5 Reality Checks Every Bride Needs

February 8, 2016
Words by Kristin Joy
Photos courtesy of A Brit & A Blonde

When you’re a bride, it can be easy to think the world revolves around your wedding. And between vendor meetings, dress fittings and food tastings, your world probably DOES revolve around your wedding. But it’s important to realize that not everyone’s life is centered around your big day (no, not even your bridesmaids) and to try to focus on some non-wedding related happenings. That’s why I’ve gathered five alternative activities – from meditating to volunteering – that will help you stay grounded, decompress and feel refreshed for when planning does take place. 

1. Volunteer

This is the most obvious, and perhaps the most rewarding way, to center your thoughts on something other than yourself. Figure out where or whom you feel passionate about helping and then get involved! With websites like Create the Good, it’s easier than ever to find worthy organizations in your area that need some good people to help out. And if you’ve truly been bitten by the wedding bug, check out Wish Upon a Wedding, a nonprofit that grants dream weddings and vow renewals to couples facing serious illnesses or life-threatening circumstances. It’s a surefire way to help you channel your extra bridal energy into something positive. 

2. Join a Club or Organization
When you were growing up, your afternoons and weekends were probably packed with things like Girl Scout meetings and art classes, and as you got older, student council and prom committees. But as adults, it seems most of us are involved in very few social groups outside of work, friends, and whichever workout trend we may be into (no, your spinning group doesn’t count here). So instead of binge-watching another Netflix series while you research honeymoon destinations, connect with other people through things like The Junior League, the board for a local museum or even a neighborhood book club. Who knows, you may even make friends with other brides who are in the same planning-plight as you!

3. Meditate

You’ve heard celebrities like Katy Perry and Jerry Seinfeld extolling the virtues of Transcendental Meditation, but the good news is you don’t have to join a pricey group to partake in the mind enriching benefits of meditation, which include lessened anxiety and greater self awareness (something all brides need!). Simple meditation can be practiced in the comfort of your own home and without any prior knowledge needed. Just find a quiet spot and follow these 9 easy steps for 10 minutes a day. Soon you’ll see the results of what dedicated quiet time can do for your stressed out psyche.

4. Learn a New Skill

Be honest: when is the last time you learned something new? I’m not talking about figuring out how to create a story on Snapchat or how to program your new Apple Watch. I’m talking about things like learning to play the guitar or to speak French. (Full disclosure, I don’t know how to do any of the above, including making a story on Snapchat.) Similar to how we tend not to seek out new groups of people after graduating college, we often fail to expand and develop new skills as we get older. And wouldn’t your wedding be so much more personal if you were able to surprise your groom by playing “Love is All You Need” on your new trumpet? Be bold and sign up to learn something new and outside of your comfort zone. 

5. Get Involved in Your Community

As we enter into this election year, I highly recommend connecting to your community in a more significant way than by just registering to vote (but you should do that too!). Do you know who your Alderman is? Or better yet, who your neighbors are? There’s such a sense of pride that comes with helping to make your own part of the world a better place, whether it’s by joining the volunteer committee for a local politician’s election bid or through organizing a neighborhood get-to-know-you gathering. Not only will you learn more about where you live, but it will totally put into perspective your reception menu stress.

About the author: Kristin Joy is the founder and editor of Bridentity Crisis. The website and blog is described as the modern bride’s guide to navigating wedding stress while staying true to yourself. For more tips from Kristin, visit

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