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Tips for Being a Bridesmaid

February 1, 2018
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Fred Marcus Studio

Wedding planning can be stressful not only for the couple, but for their friends and family as well. Being a member of a destination wedding bridal party can carry immense pressure; responsibility to ensure things run smoothly, planning secondary wedding events and making sure the couple keeps a level head on the big day. Gourmet Advisory Services is a premier event planning and party coordination company that produces top-notch weddings. They have firsthand experience in dealing not only with wedding couples, but their bridal party. Thankfully, their sharing some tried-and-true tips for bridesmaids and maids of honor.

Claudia Warner, Executive Vice President of Gourmet Advisory Services has compiled some survival tips for the maid of honor and bridesmaids to make the big day enjoyable for everyone!


  • · Accompany the bride to wedding appointments (If she would like you to!)
  • · Keep calm and collected
  • · Offer to help the bride in any possible way
  • · Make sure the bride eats
  • · Have fun and embrace the craziness
  • · Lead the bridesmaids by example
  • · Keep your speech short and sweet


  • · Take things personally – Understand that the bride is a glass box of emotions
  • · Start drinking Champagne too early – It is a LONG day!!
  • · Complain – The bride already has enough going on!
  • · Wear something very revealing – It is the bride’s day to shine!
  • · Hover over the bride – stay within arm’s length if she needs anything, but respect her time with others

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