Budgeting for Wedding Bouquets

January 29, 2018
Words by Kaylee White
Photos courtesy of Discover

Ahh, a destination wedding: It’s an amazing experience that promises adventure and travel and gathering where you want to get married, with who you want to share it with. But like any wedding, a destination wedding’s expenses can quickly add up. There’s travel, of course, as well as lodging and food. And, no matter if you’re getting married on a beach or at a vineyard, you’ll probably want to have some flowers to go with your wedding attire.

The blooms may be simple – just a bouquet and a corsage, for example – or they may be elaborate and all encompassing. But whatever they are, it pays to work with your destination consultant about what flowers are in season. Those season-specific blooms don’t have to be trekked long distances, which means that they cost less – leaving you more to spend on your destination adventures. Read on for expert advice on budgeting for wedding bouquets.

Use this graphic to learn more about flowers, their cost, and how to save.

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Budgeting for Wedding Bouquets: A Seasonal Flower Chart

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