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Charitable Wedding Gift Idea

December 4, 2017
Words by Katie Martin
Photos courtesy of Tendr

As part of the wedding planning process, couples open up a registry that allows friends and family to choose exactly what the couple both needs and wants. But, have you heard of a registry for giving back, instead of receiving? Well, with Tendr, a company that combines online cash transfers with cards, they have started Give:Tendr as something that is perfect for couples wanting to give back to charity. Give:Tendr is the perfect wedding gift idea for couples who want to give their gifts (or a portion of their gifts) to charity.

Give:Tendr works in the same way that a normal registry works. Couples begin by opening up a registry and selecting that they will be having a wedding. Then, they will have the option to decide how much of their cash gifts will go toward specific charities. With designating amounts to choose from, couples can share a gift (or a portion of it) to charities like Pro-Choice America, Action Against Hunger, One Acre Fund and many more. While no changes occur on the gift giver’s side, the portion of their gift will be given to charity and they’ll have made a difference. With a gift that is emotional, financial and has a social impact, Give:Tendr is the place to make charitable donations simpler.

If you still aren’t sure whether you should set up a Tendr Registry, here is some additional information:

  • No fees or charges: Unlike other gift and registry services, Tendr never charges gift recipients,
    so they are empowered to use their cash gifts as they please.
  • Secure and fast funds: Don’t worry about misplaced or damaged checks. With Tendr, you can
    designate your money to go right to your bank account quickly, where it’s ready for you to use how you’d like. The platform even helps you keep track of who sent you money and how much they sent.
  • Directly sent to the designated charity: The giver no longer has to worry if the organization will notify the recipient of your charitable gift made on their behalf and the recipient is saved the additional step of having the gifts go into their bank account and then reallocating the funds.
  • Free “thank you” cards: Let your friends and family know how much their gift means to you. Tendr lets you quickly send unique and personal thank you cards for free.
  • Modern design, ease, and elegance: Tendr pages are easy to set up and every step of the experience is elegant— putting your story at the forefront and emphasizing the emotional part of a gift before the financial.

For more information on Tendr and how you can give back to charity through your registry with Give:Tendr, check out their website here.

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