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Have a WOW Hair Day!

August 21, 2014
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Color Wow

One of your most important accessories is your hair. A good hair day can be the confidence booster you need and your destination wedding day is one of the most important to make sure your locks behave.

Recently, we were sent some samples to try by a company I had never heard of (even though I spend a good deal of time in my stylist’s chair). Color Wow is the line of products (all devoted to, what else, colored-treated hair!) I decided to give them a whirl.

Because I go to the salon for color every six-to-eight weeks, roots have always been an issue for me as I get close to my appointment. One of the items they sent was their Root Cover Up. It looks like eye shadow with a double ended brush applicator and a convenient little compact so it’s easy to travel with. You simply apply the powder color to your roots and voila!  No more ghetto ombre look! No matter what your color (ranging from platinum all the way to black) this is the perfect fix. It does take a little bit of time to apply, but didn’t clump or look like dandruff and was easily matched.

The second product I tested was their Pop & Lock Crystallite Shellac. I LOVE this one. The purpose of it is to protect your color and make it shine and pop. I applied it after styling my hair and noticed that I truly could see almost a “diamond” shine immediately after putting it on. If you are not a daily hair washer, you will want to apply it after every styling so the shine stays fresh, especially if you use dry shampoo between washings.

As your wedding approaches, make sure you have all your quality products lined up ahead of time to ensure a WOW hair day!

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