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Registering for Gifts: 5 Tips

March 31, 2014
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Crane & Canopy

Perhaps one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning is registering for gifts. It can be very overwhelming: Am I registering for too much, or too little? Are my selections too expensive? These are just a few questions and doubts you might have and don’t include the sheer number of options in terms of household essentials. Thankfully, we’ve recruited some help in at least one area of your registering needs: Crane & Canopy.

The co-owner of this designer bedding brand is a recent newlywed and found the task of registering very stressful, just like every other bride. So, to aid other couples, Crane & Canopy has come up with five key tips in registering for your first official set of bedding – a small part of marital bliss. See below for the five tips from Karin Sun of Crane & Canopy.

1.      Mistake #1: Choosing bedding with the highest thread count. Higher thread count does not equate to higher quality.  Thread count is a good indication of what you are getting in bedding, but does not provide the entire picture. To keep it super simple, there are only three things I look for in my bedding choice to get that optimum soft, silky and smooth feel. The fabrics are between 300-450 thread count, made from extra-long staple single-ply cotton and in a sateen weave. 

2.       Mistake #2: Thinking grown up bedding is white. Don’t shop for bedding like you would your formal china. The look of luxury does not mean your duvet cover or sheet set need to be white. While all-white bedding looks clean in a luxury hotel, it is too pristine and sterile for a home. Add personality to the master suite by decorating the bedroom with pops of color, textures and patterns.

3.       Mistake #3: Matching everything. The fun part of registering for linens is that there are no rules when coordinating the sheet set, shams and duvet cover. It’s fun to mix and match complementary patterns and textures. If you choose a bolder pattern like a chevron or a scallop for the duvet cover, match it with more traditional and basic sheets. Shop around and definitely do not feel the pressure to register for all your bedding in one location. 

4.       Mistake #4: Registering for just one set. Couples should think about their bedding needs in seasons. For example, a lightweight cotton filled comforter might be perfect for spring and summer, while a down comforter is necessary to keep warm during the cold winter nights. Sheets are also an everyday essential, so multiple sets in your linen closet make sense. 

5.       Mistake #5: Thinking only about the present. Couples often make the mistake of registering for their current living situation. As they transition through various stages in life, the queen duvet cover they registered for their 1-bedroom apartment may not work for their king bed in their much bigger three-bedroom home. They may also need to get extra duvet covers, sheet sets and comforters for their guest room. It may be far off, but the life and family you will have in the future will happen sooner than you think.

For more information on Crane & Canopy or to purchase any of these beautiful items, visit craneandcanopy.com.

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