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10 Reasons to Host a Cruise Wedding

February 19, 2018
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of

It’s day one of our Destination: Cruise Weddings week as part of our ongoing Destination: X series! All this week we’ll be bringing you tips and resources from the cruise industry, beautiful real weddings and inspiration for hosting your own wedding at sea! Today, the folks over at are sharing 10 Reasons a Destination Cruise Wedding Might Float Your Boat, as well as some highlights from their CruiseTrends™ report for February 2018

All Aboard! Ten Reasons a Destination Cruise Wedding Might Float Your Boat

1. The Setting – So Romantic

Picture being surrounded by the open sea with the love of your life on an in-bound cruise to a destination of your choice. Get married on an exotic island or traditional on-board chapel with friends and family.

2. Stress-Free Planning

If you don’t want to set aside a ton of time for wedding planning, then a destination cruise wedding is an option worth looking into. Avoid the stress of planning a wedding, big or small. You pay; they take care of you! Any package purchased includes the basics of a traditional wedding with available add-ons such as a spa day for your wedding party or breakfast and mimosas in bed for the happy couple. The pricier the package, the more benefits available. Lines like NCL and Royal Caribbean are excellent choices that provide beautiful packages with the added bonus of a professional wedding planner.  

3. Princess Cruises – The Official Love Boat

Most people know this is one of the most romantic cruise lines. Click here for more details on which lines offer weddings at sea.

4. Convenience is a Must

A destination cruise wedding is a convenient way to get married. A week or even a day before the wedding you won’t be stressing the details. That is your wedding coordinator’s job. Everything is prepared for you. The guests have arrived. Cake, music and drinks are ready. Decorations are placed. You’re ready. Just show up!

5. Value

Ultimately the cost is less expensive versus a local hometown wedding, which typically costs $20,000-$35,000. Destination weddings offer a mini-vacation to the guests, ceremony, reception and honeymoon. You can find packages that range anywhere from $700 to $20,000. Most cruises offer multiple package options to choose from. Basic packages consist of ceremony with pre-recorded or live music, photography service, catering, 2-3 tier wedding cake and drinks at the open bar. Each cruise line will be uniquely different in their offerings. 

6. Short and Sweet

If a small wedding is what you want with close friends and immediate family, then a destination cruise wedding is a good excuse for keeping the guest list short, sweet and simple. It’s an easy way to avoid hosting eccentric or cranky extended family members!

7. City on the Sea

A cruise ship is practically its own small city. Some cruise ships accommodate 5,000-plus passengers. With so many passengers there must be a way to entertain them all, right? Most cruise ships offer a wide range of activities and special services. For example, spa and fitness centers, multiple pools, dancing and live music, movie theaters, standup comedy shows, open bar, casino, outdoor activities such as recreational sports and water slides. And the list goes on.

8. Daycare – YES!!!

Some cruise lines offer extensive options for keeping children busy while the newlyweds get to enjoy their time together. Care and entertainment can be provided to kiddos ages 2-plus. Click here for more information. 

9. Honeymoon Starts Now!

After the ceremony, the honeymoon starts right there. Now, that’s convenient and less expensive. No separate booking for your wedding night necessary. No further travel required. There’s also the option to stay at the destination site for an extended honeymoon. Now there’s an idea!

10. Complimentary Consultants

Let the cruise specialists at CruiseCompete help you with your wedding cruise planning.  They will set up the accommodations and turn you over to the wedding planner at the line you choose.

Current CruiseTrends™

(Courtesy of CruiseCompete) 

Most Popular Cruise Lines 
(Based on the total number of quote requests for each cruise line in the given month)
1. Premium/Contemporary: Royal Caribbean International
2. Luxury: Oceania Cruises
3. River: American Cruise Lines

Most Popular Cruise Regions 
(Based on the total number of quote requests for each region)
1. Premium/Contemporary: Caribbean
2. Luxury: Europe
3. River: Europe 

Most Popular Cruise Departure Ports 
(Based on the total number of quote requests for each departure port)
1. Premium/Contemporary: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
2. Luxury: Miami, Fla.
3. River: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Most Popular Countries Visited 
(Based on the total number of quote requests for each country visited during cruise itineraries, excluding countries of departure)
1. Premium/Contemporary: Mexico
2. Luxury: United States
3. River: Germany 

Most Popular Sailing Months Requested 
(Based on the most requested months)
1. Premium/Contemporary: March 2018
2. Luxury: March 2018
3. River: June 2018

CruiseCompete is an online marketplace where you can go to research and book cruise vacations. They can compare offers from trusted travel agents, see consumer reviews of agents and agencies responding, then contact travel agents directly for more information and to book cruises.

Alas, stay tuned this week for more information and inspiration on hosting your destination wedding at sea!

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Disney Cruise Line (1st), Royal Caribbean International (2nd & 5th), Princess Cruises (3rd & 4th) & Celebrity Cruises (6th).

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