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July 26, 2018
Words by Josie Philippe
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Pre-wedding beauty routines can be intense, but highly effective. One relatively stress-free way to dramatically enhance your look is eyelash extensions. Josie Philippe, Owner and Master Trainer of DC Lash Bar, is sharing the must-knows about eye lash services and the in’s and out’s of what’s available for destination wedding brides.

1. Bridal Party “Lash Parties” 

Lash Parties for Bridal Parties are a great opportunity to spend quality time with your closest friends and family while being pampered in preparation of the big day. We’ve been seeing groups of five or six ladies who each select a variety of treatments at our Georgetown, DC location.

  • Popular Services

Popular services include full sets of eyelash extensions (classic, hybrid or volume), the eyelash lift and tint treatment as well as our heated airbrush tanning. 

  • Eyelash Extensions

Those who have eyelash extensions applied for the first time can plan on the service lasting from 90 minutes to two hours, with results lasting two to three weeks until it’s time for your next fill. Eyelash extension fills take approximately 45 minutes to one hour. You are able to wear mascara with eyelash extensions; however, you most likely won’t need to – if you do, just make sure it’s an eyelash extension-approved mascara.

  • Eyelash Lift and Tint Treatment

Our popular eyelash lift and tint service uses your natural lashes and takes approximately 30 minutes. It’s very low-maintenance with results lasting anywhere from six to eight weeks. All eyelash treatments are performed on a comfortable massage table – so cozy that most clients fall asleep!

  • Heated Airbrush Tanning

We also offer a 30-minute heated airbrush tanning service (no cold spray!), which is compatible with all skin types and includes an array of add-ons including tanning accelerators, bronzers, fragrances and conditioners for perfectly moisturized skin. It’s perfect for adding a natural glow in preparation of all the photos you’ll be taking, as well as the honeymoon for the bride. Airbrush tanning results last for one week. 

  • Extras!

The Bridal Party often brings their own beverages such as rosé or mimosas to make it a truly memorable experience.

2. Eyelash Enhancement Services

With eyelash enhancement services gaining popularity in the beauty industry, brides and bridal party members now have a variety of treatments to choose from in order to get them camera-ready for their big day. We, at DC Lash Bar, specifically design our own synthetic faux mink lashes for use in any eyelash extension service to control quality and ensure the desired look is achieved (detailed below).

  • Eyelash Lift and Tint (no extensions involved) 

Previously known as an eyelash perm, we curl your natural lashes using a silicone rod placed directly on your lash line; this helps lift your eyelashes as we apply a perm-like solution. Total treatment time is approximately 30 minutes with results lasting six to eight weeks. With this service, you can wear whatever makeup you want, but you must wait 24 hours before getting your eyelashes wet and you can’t touch or rub your eyes during that timeframe. Using an eyelash serum along with this service will enhance and grow your natural lashes as well. 

  • Classic Extensions

In which one faux mink eyelash extension is applied to one natural eyelash, creating the most natural look. Results last two to three weeks before your first fill.

  • Volume Extensions

In which we create handmade eyelash “fans” ranging from two to six lashes each which are then applied to one single natural lash; this type of extension is lighter in weight, allowing us to apply a greater number of faux lashes to your natural lash without you feeling any heaviness and without causing damage to your natural lashes. Results last two to three weeks before your first fill.

  • Hybrid Extensions 

A blend between our classic and volume services, providing a textured look with more drama, but not too much. Results last two to three weeks before your first fill.

3. Common Misconceptions

  • Losing Natural Lashes

A common misconception about eyelash extensions is thinking your natural lashes will fall out faster or more often. As long as the service is performed correctly, eyelash extensions will not harm your natural lashes. Be sure to see a certified technician, as they understand the appropriate weight to apply to your existing lashes. Your natural lashes shed every three to five days so eyelash extensions will fall out along with your natural lashes. There may appear to be more lashes falling out because extensions have been applied. Many people have extensions that are too heavy for their lashes, which could make them break if applied incorrectly.

  • Cleaning

Be sure to cleanse your eyelash extensions – don’t be scared to, they won’t fall out faster – as this helps avoid potential eye irritation from improper cleaning. Use an extension-safe cleanser or a cleanser that doesn’t contain oils or glycolic glycerine unless specifically stated it’s for extensions.

  • Comfort

When applied properly, you will not feel your eyelash extensions. They are very comfortable and will not weigh down your eyelids. And remember, eyelash extensions are completely customizable to whatever you prefer; we can replicate any look depending on the health of your natural lash.

4. Certifications, Care & Maintenance

  • Certifications

A word of advice, be sure to find a certified professional. Most states require either a cosmetology or aesthetic license first in order to legally perform any eyelash extension or lift and tint services. In addition, be sure they are certified in each and every service they offer. For example, there is a specific certification for providing a classic set of eyelash extensions, a different certification for a volume set, etc. Of course, the eyelash lift and tint service also requires a separate certification.

  • Care & Maintenance

Caring and maintaining for your lashes is very simple. With the lash lift and tint you don’t want to get your lashes wet for 24 hours. Don’t rub or touch your eye or eyelashes during this timeframe. With eyelash extensions, avoid tugging or pulling at your lashes; be sure to brush them daily and use an extension-safe cleanser each day as well. Continue with your regularly scheduled extension fill services to maintain your desired look. DC Lash Bar also offers free eyelash extension removals (if originally applied at our shop). This service takes about 15 minutes using a custom removal solution. Do not try to remove eyelash extensions on your own.

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Joy Asico (1st), Othello Banaci (2nd-4th), Ruben Gutierrez (5th & 6th).

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