Planning? What Planning?

3 Destination Wedding Facts


August 3, 2017
Words by Courtnie Nichols
Photos courtesy of Hope Stevens Photography

If the thought of a traditional wedding – complete with seating charts, stuffy attire and expensive menus – just doesn’t get you hyped up, TravelBash can help! We provide destination travel and planning services for individuals like YOU! 

Let’s face it, those of us who love to travel and can’t get enough adventure weren’t meant to have the same old wedding all of our friends and family had.

Destination weddings sound elaborate, but most brides- and grooms-to-be aren’t shown the full picture.

Here are three quick destination wedding facts you may or may not have considered!

1. It Doesn’t Matter Where You Go…No, Seriously!

When people come to us about destination weddings, there’s one thing I need to share with them: There are no rules and who doesn’t love a vacation?

Most people have this idea in their heads of sandy beaches and Mai Tai’s (amazing, I know), but why limit yourself?

Who says you have to be on an island or go to some far away country? You can go anywhere you want!

A destination wedding is special because you can let your personality influence everything from the scenery to the vibe. From nautical to bohemian, wine country to country chic – the destination is really just a starting point for your lifelong adventure together.

2. Planning? What Planning?

Honestly, one of the first (and really only) things you need to do is pick a location. From there, your travel agent and/or wedding planner will gladly take care of the rest. That’s us! 

We do it all…setting up the reception and ceremony, planning activities and all guest travel arrangements.

3. You Will Save Money

Destination weddings are not as expensive as you think. Get ready to hear the sound of wedding bells, not the sound of shattered piggy banks. 

The average cost of a destination wedding is under $20,000. That’s far under the national average for a traditional wedding, which hangs around $35,000. Plus, many couples combine the destination wedding and the honeymoon into one package, which saves even more money! 

So, if you’re like our team at TravelBash and can’t see yourself saying “I do” with a traditional wedding, an exciting and adventurous option could actually be within reach!

Learn more today about how TravelBash can help you get to the CELEBRATING by visiting our site, here.


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