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Five Tips for a Trendy Groom

April 1, 2013
Words by Courtney Kellar
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It happens more often than not that weddings end up being just about the bride. While every woman deserves her day in the sun, let’s not forget about the groom. Destination weddings offer a unique opportunity for grooms to be more involved in the planning process by picking fun activities to do while abroad or sampling interesting local foods, for example. To insure your man doesn’t get lost in your shadow come W-Day, here are five tips from custom suit tailor and fashion expert, J. Toor, to make your man and his groomsmen really stand out.

1) Have a Suit Soiree: Instead of having a bachelor party Las Vegas-style, consider the more elegant affair of having a suit soiree.  Instead of making all the groomsmen go through the hassle of renting a tux, consider hosting a suit soiree for them and the groom. Custom suit retailers are known for providing the best fit and sometimes the best party. Custom sanctuaries like J.Toor have suit soirees that allow the groomsmen to get the perfect custom suit – all while celebrating over cocktails. The suit soiree can even double as a wedding present to your groomsmen and provide them with memories of the groom’s last few days as a bachelor.

2) Never Forget: Because this special day is memorable, consider embroidering the date inside the suits of the groom and groomsmen. This allows the groom to never forget their wedding anniversary and provides the groomsmen with the memory of what a great gift you gave them on your special day. Can you say anniversary presents? There’s no shame in using custom embroidering to have everyone remember your special day!

3) Get Colorful: The days of black and white suits are long gone. Colored suits are making a bold statement this year. Colors such as Monaco Blue, Poppy Red and Emerald Green are brightening up weddings everywhere. By giving your men a pop of color, one can better incorporate wedding colors and set a trend that is sure to have everyone in envy.

4) Touch-Up The Ties: Break away from the traditional knots (Half-Windsor, Pratt, Bow Tie, Windsor) and opt for an Eldredge tie knot. An Eldredge knot is a unique knot that resembles a braid. The knot goes great with a solid tie color and is a simple way to make your groomsmen go from looking basic to trendy.

5) Ditch the Floral: Instead of pinning floral boutonnières to jackets, let your men stand out by having non-floral boutonnières. Non-floral boutonnières allow groomsmen to accessorize with a masculine statement. Use boutonnières made out of buttons or even trinkets to tie the theme of the wedding all together. Non-floral boutonnières can be handmade or purchased online on websites such as

As accredited members of the Custom Tailors and Designers Association of America, J. Toor sets out to give each and every man who walks through their doors a completely customized, and unique look. J. Toor believes men can “find their true selves through dressing properly and developing a real sense of style that is most comfortable and appropriate to them.” Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to make sure you husband-to-be is looking and feeling his best in a custom-made suit. For more information about J. Toor, visit

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