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Discover Your Signature W-Day Scent

October 4, 2016
Words by Courtney Kellar
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When it comes to your destination wedding, no doubt you’ve deliberated every detail – from your veil all the way down to your W-Day shoes. One element you might not have considered is your fragrance. It’s scientifically proven that memories can be triggered by particular scents.  Your (and your spouse’s) nose also gets used to a signature scent over time, a little something called sensory adaptation. This, I think, is why people sometimes wear way too much perfume or cologne. Perhaps they’ve worn the same scent for years and can no longer smell it as strongly as they used to. The point is, you might want to mix things up for your wedding day and get a signature scent that both you and your soon-to-be will forever associate with the day you said, “I do.”

After budgeting for all the tangible details, you might not be excited about the idea of buying an expensive, designer perfume for perhaps the most important day of your life. However, have no fear because we’ve found a site that offers many of today’s most popular designer fragrances at a discounted price. has been around since 1997 and has fulfilled over 10 million orders during that time, so you can rest assured you’re getting what you would at any other retailer. The site was kind enough to send along some of their top picks for perfumes perfect for your wedding day.

Forever and Ever by Christian Dior

Actively combines notes of almond blossom, rose and geranium. Other components include hints of musk, freesia and water jasmine. The result provides a complex and balanced fragrance that’s great for special occasions. ($66.99)

Something Blue by Oscar De La Renta

Inspired by the iconic designer’s silk and lace wedding gowns, this refined blend opens with sparkling notes of mandarin and linden blossom, then mellows into a sultry body of bourbon vanilla and white musk notes. ($30.99)

Marry Me! Lanvin

Enthralling like love at first sight, Marry Me! creates a stunning union. Top notes of bitter orange blend with the fruity sweetness of peach and delicate jasmine tea. Intoxicating sambac jasmine is subdued by the smooth sweetness of magnolia in a cascade of rose petals while the scent of white flowers glows in the warmth of amber and heady musk. ($27.99)

For more information or to shop for the wedding day (or honeymoon!) scent of your dreams, visit

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Dior, Oscar De La Renta & Lanvin

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