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Giacomelli’s Custom Ring Design-Do’s

November 9, 2016
Words by Candice Maniga
Photos courtesy of Giacomelli Jewelry

We’re no longer in the era of cookie-cutter catalogue weddings and letting the same old jewelry symbolize such different love stories. These days, even for the most traditional of weddings, it’s still important to tweak the style to add a taste of you from beginning to end. Natalia Giacomelli is a bride-to-be, fashion designer for today’s top lifestyle brands and the creator of Giacomelli Jewelry – the customizable, eclectic jewelry line that will add your identity to your engagement ring. 

After designing her own engagement ring, Natalia was inspired to use her knacks of laser attention to detail and crafting fine jewelry to help other women find their dream engagement rings. Her line features modern designs with hints of vintage styles to match every bride and budget.

Natalia put together a three-step guide to speed up the process for fiancées looking into custom-designed engagement rings:

1. “What’s your design inspiration?”

This is the first question I ask my clients because it’s important to have a clear idea of what design aesthetic you want.

  • Do you gravitate towards a classic, modern or vintage look?
  • Express yourself through inspirational images. Create a Pinterest board with designs you find appealing.
  • Consider whether you’d like to repurpose old family heirlooms to give new life to old jewelry.

2. Narrow down your stone selection.
Many people – myself included – love diamonds, but they’re pricey and not suited for everyone’s budget. Aside from diamonds, there are many gemstone options to consider when commissioning a custom piece. Three affordable, popular stones are Forever One Moissanite, bi-colored sapphires and moonstones.

  • Forever One Moissanite is a lab-created colorless gemstone with exceptional brilliance, a perfect cut and clarity at a fraction of the cost of a diamond.
  • Bi-colored sapphires have gorgeous dual-tone colors that are organically blended together.
  • Moonstones are less colorful, but have a cool, milky iridescence. They’re similar to opals, but cloudier with a bluish tint.

3. Choose your metal.

  • Gold: 14k and 18k gold are popular choices. Both come in three colors: white, yellow and – my personal favorite – rose.
    • 14k is harder and more scratch-resistant.
    • 18k is less resilient, but it’s more expensive because it has a higher composition of gold.
  • Platinum: This is a great metal choice because it’s durable, purer and a much rarer metal than gold.
    • The downside: it’s more expensive than gold and only available in white. Because it’s also a softer metal, it’s prone to scratching.

“The process of designing your custom ring should be a fun and collaborative experience between you and the designer,” Natalia says. “For my clients, I always involve them every step of the way!”

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