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A Kitchen Keepsake Wedding Gift

May 17, 2016
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Lily & Val

It’s not always easy to find something unique for the destination wedding couple who loves to cook. Flatware, stemware, matching his/hers aprons, monogrammed wine opener – been there, done that.

And trying to find something meaningful can be an even harder task. Many kitchen keepsake gifts can either feel cliché or cheesy (no pun intended), yet when Lily & Val sent us a sample of The Keepsake Kitchen Diary, my expectations were exceeded.

The large, spiral bound book was well put together, had a cool design and some serious functionality. The book has hundreds of pages separated by category tabs to keep your favorite recipes organized. What sets this book apart is the “keepsake” part of it. You’re able to include your own, hand-written recipes along with memories and notes about where the recipes originated, when they were first tried and any other special thoughts you want to jot down.

I loved this book so much, I ended up giving one to my mom for Mother’s Day, as she’s an avid chef and has kept our entire family well fed for the better part of four decades. She loved the book and I have a feeling she will fill every page before too long.

One hint: If you give this as a gift, it will be best received if you include a few recipes you might love that the recipient makes. Even if the recipe isn’t complete – write down the memory of the first time you tried it or a familiar story they will appreciate it. 

If you’d like to give a copy of the Lily & Val’s Keepsake Kitchen Diary, it’s available HERE for $45.99. Happy Gift Giving!

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