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Lovely, Eco-Friendly Stationery

June 27, 2013
Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of Paper Culture

Planning a destination wedding while remaining eco-friendly can be a bit of a challenge, but with the help of such companies as Paper Culture, it’s possible to set the tone for a stylish and green wedding. Thousands of trees are cut down every year to meet the World’s demand for paper products. The stationery company, Paper Culture, is working to change this unfortunate necessity one tree at a time.

One tree will be planted for every stationery order at Paper Culture. Doubling their efforts to remain eco-friendly, Paper Culture prints only on 100% recycled paper. Paper Culture offers not only stylish and cleverly designed stationery options for brides, but is giving back to the planet as well! Visit to shop their “Save the Date” cards, shower invites, “Thank You” cards and casual wedding invitations.

Writing out and addressing wedding invites or thank you notes takes up valuable time most brides and grooms simply don’t have. Luckily, Paper Culture is here to save the day! Paper Culture will stamp, address and mail your cards for free and write a unique personal message on each card – the perfect solution for brides and grooms on a time crunch. Want to handle those details yourselves? Paper Culture offers flat rate shipping, so even if you’re order hundreds and hundreds of items, you can still count on affordable shipping.

We received a sample of Paper Culture’s work and were impressed by the printing, color selections and quality, 100% recycled paper stock. These invites, save the dates or thank you cards are definitely worthy of representing your bridal style.

So far Paper Culture has planted 300,000 trees, making the world a greener place to live and giving brides and grooms wedding stationery to fit their style. See something you like at Order and not only will you have beautiful stationery for your destination wedding, you’ll feel good about supporting a company who takes their impact on the World into consideration!

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