A Godsend for Color Treated Hair

May 26, 2016
Words by Sydney Bowen
Photos courtesy of ColorProof Evolved Color Care

There’s no doubt you want to look your absolute best for your destination wedding or honeymoon! If you have color treated, blonde hair, then your head is tougher than the average bear. Thankfully, today’s beauty scene is getting more creative than ever to cater to us creative types. Considering I have a full head of platinum hair, I am no stranger to purple shampoos and conditioners. They work to balance out brassy and yellow tones in blonde and platinum blonde hair and to keep your tone icy.

I have used many different brands and will say I was very pleased with the ColorProof SignatureBlonde system. It definitely counteracts the brassy tones. If left on long enough, it even gives your hair a slight violet sheen.

If you are not looking to have any hint of purple, I suggest using them sparingly. Not every one uses purple shampoo every time they wash their hair, but I believe this is a great product to cycle in to your hair routine to keep your color vibrant and fresh.


  • Great scent
  • Feels like I used a deep cleanser (something that lacks in other purple shampoos)
  • Left my color very vibrant, almost silvery
  • If you apply to dry hair and let it sit, gives a lilac hint
  • Conditioner made my hair EXTREMELY soft


  • Shampoo doesn’t lather very well
  • A bit messy – if you get it somewhere make sure to wash it off because it will stain (I have purple streaks in my shower)
  • Conditioner seemed to run out much quicker than the shampoo

The ColorProof SignatureBlonde Violet Shampoo comes in a 10.1 oz. bottle and retails for $44.00 SRP. The ColorProof SignatureBlonde Violet Condition comes in a 8.5 oz. bottle and retails for $44.00 SRP. The ColorProof SignatureBlonde Restorative Filler comes in a 6.7 oz. bottle and retails for $32.00 SRP. For more information about the ColorProof line of hair products or, more specifically, their SignatureBlonde system, visit

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