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Peace-Inducing Headphones

May 21, 2013
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of I-MEGO

As a frequent traveler, I can speak to the drama of trying to get some shut-eye on a long flight to some dreamy destination – only to be kept awake by the fussy baby two rows behind you or the bustling flight attendants. Thankfully, I-MEGO offers effective, affordable noise-cancelling headphones for those of us who can’t, or aren’t willing, to fork up the 300-plus dollars for the big name brand. The Walker Junior Headphones are also collapsible which makes them an easy item to carry along. Here are all the deets on these travel (and wallet) friendly headphones:

  • Engineered with active noise-canceling to create a comfortable listening environment in areas with high ambient noise.
  • Headphones are lightweight and fold down to make them easy to pack.
  • High performance 40mm drivers deliver premium sound for listening to music and movies.
  • Includes airplane adapter and soft carrying pouch.

The I-MEGO Walker Junior Headphones are available at Amazon.com for $139.99. If you’ve got a music lover in your wedding midst and are more concerned with listening capabilities than the noise-canceling feature, I-MEGO also offers the THRONE Headphones. The design is a modern twist on retro style and perfect for any music lover. The GOLD version offer sound geared toward heavy beats with lots of bass, while the POISON version deliver crisp acoustics for songs where you want crystal clear clarity. Here are the features of these I-MEGO headphones:

  • Unique design meets clear, crisp audio and heavy beats in these stylish over-ear headphones.
  • Features a real leather headband, premium memory foam and leather earpads for comfort and noise isolation.
  • Integrated microphone and one-button control for play/pause/skip on any device.
  • Equipped with high performance 40mm drivers deliver crystal clear audio.
  • Available in THRONE Gold and THRONE Poison

The I-MEGO THRONE Headphones are available at Amazon.com for $129.99. For more information on these headphones or to begin shopping for your favorite destination wedding attendee, visit i-mego.com.

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