How to Look Gorgeous Come W-Day and Beyond…

April 16, 2014
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Kimiko Beauty

Every bride wants to look picture perfect on her wedding day. It can require fittings, hair appointments, tortuous workouts and the powers of makeup to conceal imperfections and accentuate her best features. All of that work to look fantastic on one day. Kimiko Beauty recognizes the importance of that one day, but the innovative company is also looking forward to the days that follow.
Danielle Vincent, the creator of the Kimiko believes that your makeup should work for more than just a day at a time. She helped to create the first targeted treatment cosmeceutical color line that uses active clinical ingredients to actually improve your skin as you wear it.
“Every woman is unique, and should be able to look and feel extraordinary. Kimiko delivers immediate enhancement while at the same time provides the long-term benefits of healthier looking skin. Kimiko is designed to give them beauty beyond today,” explains Vincent.
The line is continually growing and evolving as she works with leading laboratories to stay on top of developing treatments. Destination I Do tried out a few products from the Kimiko line to give you the lowdown on its wear-ability and effects.

Kimiko’s Hydrating Tint $43:
This makeup provides a sheer coverage that is light and refreshing to your face. It boasts an SPF 20, so it’s the perfect way to protect your skin at an outdoor wedding without having to slather on greasy, sunscreen. In addition to providing protection, it has a ton of moisturizing agents, which keep your skin looking dewy fresh. If you lock in with pressed powder it has an amazing staying power. Keeping reapplications to a minimum is a must wh
en you have guests, vendors and the overall chaos of the big day to attend to.
Kimiko’s Multi-Tasker Treatment Concealer $39:
Like most concealers, it uses light reflecting ingredients to highlight and cover. But this concealer goes above any beyond simple coverage; it uses Kimiko’s latest signature technologies to reduce problem areas. Renuva-Eyebright™ is one of the active ingredients in the concealer and it contains metalloproteinase inhibitors which aid in the reduction of dark circles and at the same time improve your skin’s elasticity and firmness. After a few weeks of consistent use the puffiness and darkness that occurs so often around eyes is visibly reduced.

Kimiko’s SuperFine Eyebrow Pencil Automatique $24:
his eyebrow pencil isn’t messing around when it says “super fine.” The pencil is so thin that it allows for all your strokes to be precise and blend easily with the eyebrow for a very natural look. The lines it creates are almost as fine as the hairs themselves. It comes equipped with an eyebrow brush for fixing mistakes as well, however its slim pencil is so effective that it’s hardly necessary. Eyebrow enhancement is one of the most overlooked steps in makeup application, but the use of this pencil makes a difference that will surely stand out in your wedding pictures.
Kimiko’s Sheer Tint and Lip Plumper $37:
This gloss has
a really subtle color that works to enhance your natural lip color with a slight tint rather than disguise it in an unnatural shade. The plumping gloss that goes over the tint gives just the right amount of shine that will last through your vows. It works to plump your lips by using dehydrated collagen molecules that naturally plump up your lips without creating dryness or being overly sticky.

Kimiko’s Lifting Eye Shadow Bentobox $58:
This convenient little box makes being a professional makeup artist seem easy. The boxes come in a variety of complimenting color schemes. Additionally, on the back of the box there are tips on how to optimally apply the colors and where. Using only a makeup brush and the Bentobox you can flawlessly accentuate your brow bone, create shape and line your lashes just like a professional, but without the price tag.
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