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June 28, 2013
Words by Alicia Clark
Photos courtesy of Anastasia

To be honest, I believe eyebrows can tell more about how a person is feeling than their smile or eyes. Creased means worried, raised means surprised or happy, arched means skeptical, I could go on and on. Because of this, it’s important we keep our eyebrows looking great so we can be sure to get our full point across when speaking and in photos.

You can make sure your brows are picture perfect come destination wedding day with the Brow Genius Waterproof Kit for Brows by Anastasia.

This long lasting brow definer is waterproof and lasts all day long. It is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s used as a part of your daily makeup routine before going to work, or to create dramatic arcs for a night on the town.

Simply mix however much of the Brow Wiz Loose Powder you want to use depending on how defined you want your brows to be, add some of the Beauty Genius Clear Waterproofing gel, apply to brows and voila! Perfect brows.

The Brow Genius Waterproof Kit for eyebrows is easy to incorporate to your makeup routine and comes with all necessary brushes, powder and gel included in the kit.

You go through a lot during a busy wedding or honeymoon day, and the last thing you want to worry about is smudging your brows, but Brow Genius Waterproof Kit assures it’s users they have nothing to worry about. Through water, sweat and humidity, you can rest easy that your brows will be looking just as good as when you first applied the powder.

Retailing for $24, there’s no better deal for perfect brows than this all-included Brow Genius Waterproof Kit by Anastasia. For more information visit,

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