Destination Wedding – Is it right for you?


June 14, 2013
Words by Jennifer Stein
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A Destination Wedding — How Do You Know Its Right For You?

It sounds like an exciting way to tie the knot… 

You and your intended jet off to a tropical island, alpine village or enchanted castle in Europe with your couture wedding gown carefully protected in an extra long white garment bag. You arrive at your destination with butterflies in your stomach in anticipation of the most important time of your lives. Excitement builds as your family and closest friends continue to arrive, each day filled with pre-wedding activities and opportunities for those closes to you to get acquainted. The setting you chose is an ideal place for your wedding guests to vacation and make memories that will last a lifetime. The culmination, of course, is the moment your exchange vows, surrounded by those most dear to you. It is a dream come true!

Or is it? 

As a couple, deciding if a destination wedding is right for you is the first, and most important decision you will make in your wedding planning process. Almost every subsequent choice you make will be based on what you decide. So, before you start planning every minute detail, here are some things to consider.  

Are there key people in your lives who must be present for the day to be complete?

If the 14-hour plane trip will prevent one of your loved ones from attending, and you cannot picture the event without them, then compromise might be in order.  

Do your guests have to travel anyway?

Destination weddings make a lot of sense when your wedding guests are coming from many different areas, and not many live in the couple’s home town. It may be logistically easier if you choose a destination with good travel connections, ample accommodation and lots to do. Your guests will talk about your wedding for years to come.  

Can you handle the unexpected?

Inclement weather, lost luggage and travel delays are only a few of the snafus that you may encounter. If you have the tendency to be a bit of a control freak, know that destination weddings may test your temperament. The ability to “let go” is key to a successful destination wedding.  

Is tradition important to you or do you like to express your creativity?

Having a destination wedding provides endless opportunities to incorporate the local customs of your destination in exchange for the “same old, same old.” You can forget which side the bride’s guests sit on or throwing the garter and substitute your own unique touches. Abandoning standard wedding tradition also provides a graceful “out” for many of the touchy situations that can arise from family dysfunction.  

How do you want to allocate your budget?

The typical hometown wedding with a sit-down dinner costs between $25,000 and $30,000. Destination weddings can be much less expensive since you have the ability to keep your guest list smaller. Just think….you might even have enough to enjoy and exotic honeymoon, right in the same place as your wedding. 

Whether you decide to travel to a destination away from home or right in your backyard, be sure to savor the experience and enjoy the process of planning. The Destination I Do website will provide you with lots of helpful information about wedding destinations all over the world. You will also find helpful planning tools that are custom designed for your wedding away. Congratulations! Let the planning begin.


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