Pack a Survival Kit

Five Must-Have Wedding Tips


July 25, 2014
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of UrgentRx

When it comes to your destination wedding or honeymoon, you can never be too prepared! That’s why the wise folks over at UrgentRx are weighing-in with five tips for all brides! UrgentRx are the makers of credit-card size packets of medication – great for last minute, emergency ailments. From a headache, to stomachache and allergies, just rip open an UrgentRx packet and the powder quickly dissolves in your mouth…leading to your feeling better, faster! What’s even better, since the packets are filled with powder medication, they’re travel friendly and easy to keep in your bag while traveling. For more information, visit

1.       Pack a survival kit: Every bride needs a bag full of necessities that might be needed on the big day. To combat the pains that wedding day stress can bring, make sure to pack UrgentRx Fast Powders for a range of ailments like headache, allergy attack, upset stomach, etc. With a collection of portable, flavored powders in convenient credit card-sized packets that require no water, UrgentRx Fast Powders are ideal for any bride or groom who is on the go. Other bag must-haves include tampons, a sewing kit, hair spray and hair pins, deodorant, Tide-to-Go sticks, dry shampoo, safety pins and oil-blotting sheets. Consider putting together a few kits for bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as baskets of the goodies for guests to use in restrooms.

2.       Bring a change of clothes: Your dress and heels are stunning (and expensive), but you never know what can happen over the course of the day that might make you want to switch it up. Just in case someone bumps into you with a glass of red wine or your feet begin to loathe you for the four-inch heels, pack an extra dress and a pair of broken-in flats. Many brides today have an outfit change or two throughout the wedding day and reception, so guests will never ask questions!

3.       Have a designated hashtag: Considering most people today leave the digital cameras at home in favor of their smartphones, there is no doubt that your guests will be snapping tons of Instagram pictures of your ceremony and reception. Make sure you and your groom agree on a hashtag and post it on tables and in your guests’ wedding itineraries, so your guests can all keep their pictures in the same place and you can view the collection after the night is over!

4.       Pack a Snack: With the minute-to-minute stresses a wedding can bring, it is easy for the bride to forget to eat or simply not have time to pause for a meal. Instead of feeling faint all night, make sure one of your bridesmaids brings a snack for you to munch on during the trip from the ceremony to the reception hall or after the pictures have been taken. Things like Pro Bars pack the protein and carbs of a whole meal into a small bar, making it easy to nibble on the go.

5.       Designate Helpers: You spent months planning your wedding, so on the big day, give yourself a break by designating trusted bridesmaids or friends to help you out. Assign people to deal with things like vendors, gifts, transportation and the hotel for the wedding night so you can let loose a bit and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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