Roaming Alone

Travel Safety Tips

June 18, 2013
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of RoamRight

When traveling for your destination wedding or honeymoon, it’s likely you will venture out on your own at one time or another. RoamRight, a provider of global travel insurance, has done some research on what destinations women tend to be most comfortable in and has provided some great safety tips to keep in mind while traveling abroad. Due to their familiarity, outgoing populations and lack of language barriers, Europe, Australia and New Zealand have long been popular destinations for female travelers. Morocco, India and Iceland are quickly growing in popularity for travelers who are looking for spirituality, adventure and backpacking.

Once you and your new spouse have selected the destination of your dreams for your wedding or honeymoon, RoamRight has some excellent travel tips which are applicable whether you’re out and about by yourself or with someone else. Keep in mind, these tips aren’t meant to scare you, it’s just important you’re always aware of your surroundings and are as prepared as possible when traveling – no matter the destination.

–          Having an international cell phone for emergencies is always recommended and always err on the side of caution, trust your gut instinct and never be embarrassed to ask for help or directions.

–          When  traveling at night, always stay in well-lit areas if possible, and if not, carry a small, heavy flashlight with you.

–          Don’t take money out of street-side ATM machines – use ATM’s in banks or stores. Also, keep your wallet in your front pocket or a zippered bag to avoid pickpockets. If you are on a bus or train, keep your bag on your lap.

–          Don’t leave any valuables sitting out in your room, especially your jewelry and/or passport, lock them in the room safe or secure them in a locking suitcase.

–          Do your research and know what forms of transportation are safest. For example, hailing caps from a street might be dangerous in certain areas – ask your hotel what form of transportation is safest at night.

–          Do your best to blend in – if you look wealthy, you will be more of a target than someone who appears to be a budget traveler. Dress discreetly and according to local customs, avoid flashy clothing and accessories.

–          If possible, keep your camera in a bag and not around your neck. If you want to have your camera easily accessible, wear it cross-body vs. simply over your shoulder. Also, don’t carry a bag which is clearly a camera or laptop bag – if you need to carry electronics, carry them in a nondescript bag.

–          Always take your hotel key out of the paper sleeve the hotel gives you. This very often has your room number on it and, should your key get misplaced, you don’t want potential thieves to know the room  the key is activated for.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler, or venturing abroad for the first time for your destination wedding or honeymoon, it’s always smart to keep these basic tips in mind. In the end, they’ll give you greater peace of mind and protect you against possible problems. For information on travel insurance or for additional tips, visit Happy Travels!

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