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Volcanoes Safaris’ Honeymoon Package


November 9, 2016
Words by Candice Maniga
Photos courtesy of Volcanoes Safaris

Honeymoons provide the perfect setting for the newly married to let loose and try new experiences with their significant others. Where better to relax and explore with your love than on an African adventure? For the bride and groom wondering the same, Volcanoes Safaris created a honeymoon package for newlyweds to follow up their wedding day with a walk on the wild side.

Located in Rwanda and Uganda, the award-winning company specializes in mountain gorilla and chimpanzee safaris. Volcanoes Safaris prides itself on having a background of over 15 years in combining eco-tourism and actual monkey business. Through the Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust (VSPT), the company sets up collaborations between its lodges and the surrounding local community and conservation initiatives.

Volcanoes Safaris is “the only African safari company to have built its own exclusive eco-luxury safari lodges” within range of several gorilla and chimpanzee parks in Uganda and Rwanda. The Volcanoes Safaris Honeymoon Package is available at each of the Volcanoes Safaris lodges and features a mixture of souvenirs, opportunities and cultural celebrations. The package includes:

  • Traditional Rwandan woven basket containing a series of locally sourced gifts:
    • Two Kitenge bathrobes
    • A bottle of sparkling wine
    • A local carving of a gorilla
    • Honey, coffee, tea and soap from VSPT projects
  • Tying The Knot: a length of specially woven rope is tied around your wrists to symbolize your bond as part of a small ceremony at the lodge.
  • Four Elements: a selection of four flavors (bitter, spicy, sour, sweet) are given to you to taste together, symbolizing your unwavering commitment to each other. The flavors are intended to take on a personal meaning whether you choose to define them by the seasons, personal memories or some other definitive aspect of your relationship.
  • Couples massages
  • Private meals available on request

For pricing information on the package or to book with Volcanoes Safaris, visit

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