Tea-Box Packaging

Personalized Healthy Living Vitamins

March 30, 2017
Words by Melina Zúñiga
Photos courtesy of Care/of

The process of planning your wedding or honeymoon can become super time-consuming. So much so, in fact, that you forget to take care of yourself. Care/of can help.

Introducing a new, stress-free way to take your vitamins, Care/of provides a personalized approach to healthy living. Supplements based on skincare, stress and digestion issues come in tea-like boxes with individual pouches that have your name on them, perfect for busy brides that are always on the go.

Customizing all the vitamins in each pouch by an assessment quiz made to figure out your personal needs best, you can choose what area you want to focus on. Factors such as exercise, how often you drink and if you’re a smoker all play a role in finding vitamins that will benefit you best.

Kick starting all your health goals starting at $20 USD a month, you can get back into your planning routine without any worries of a cold as you approach your wedding day. If interested in a simple solution for your pre (and post!) wedding stress, visit takecareof.com and build your own personalized vitamin pack!

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