Wedding Dresses by Body Shape

February 20, 2017
Words by Pnina Tornai
Photos courtesy of Pnina Tornai

When it comes to designing wedding gowns, my belief is that there is no limit to beauty. There is a style for every bride and a bride for every style. This past year, I have been constantly traveling throughout the globe and meeting my brides from various countries, cultures and ethnicities. This brought me to the realization that each of my brides has the same wish: to be her most beautiful self on the day of her commitment to the choice of her heart. My 2017 Dimensions Collection highlights this notion and was made from the finest fabrics including unique laces, duchesse satin, crepe georgette, organza, and stretch silks and satins that sculpt the body and highlight the beautiful feminine figure. Here are my recommendations for how to best pick a dress that suits your body type.

Pear Shape:

I love seeing an A-line that fits naturally at the waist and has a bit of a fuller skirt. Using a fabric like tulle is helpful as it won’t cling to the body and allows for great movement! My gowns are known to be sexy, so I also like to highlight the shoulders and cleavage. This gown (style #4533) from my Dimensions Collection has lovely detailing on the sleeves, and I encourage my pear-shaped brides to show off their upper body.

Tom-Boyish Shape:

If you tend to be narrow at the hips, I recommend a gown that falls at your natural waistline and creates the illusion of curves on your lower body. A sheath dress is perfect for this silhouette. I would also add some beaded embellishments that will add some sparkle and show off your sleek frame. In particular, I adore this dress (style #14490) from my Love Collection that is sexy, modern and gives the illusion of curviness in all the right places!


Petite women should look for a gown that will focus the eye on vertical angles. A dress with an empire-type waist that lies above the natural waistline will create the illusion of longer legs. I would also consider a mermaid style gown such as this style (style #4529) I designed from my Dimensions Collection, which hugs the body in all the right places and elongates the body.


For my brides who are larger in the bust and would rather not draw attention to this on their wedding day, I recommend a neckline with a soft dip to it. You don’t want anything that cuts straight across your chest as it will accentuate the bust line. I prefer a neckline that will flatter the face and décolletage –such as this wonderful gown (style #14409) from my Love Collection.


A bride’s first instinct is to choose a very flowy dress and try to hide her curves, but plus-sized women should really pick a gown that is structured and fits snugly around the waist to create a narrower midsection. This gown (style #14497) from my Love Collection will show off these features. The sexy shoulder straps draw the eyes upward to the bride’s beautiful face.

I truly believe nothing is more precious than the celebration of love. The moment when the bride makes her steps towards the love of her life with a heart filled with love and joy is one of life’s greatest gifts. I style all my brides with love and would not have it any other way. I hope you all find the dress of your dreams!


Wyndham Alltra

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