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Expert Honeymoon Packing Tips


May 16, 2017
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of iflyluggage.com

Your honeymoon is meant to be a time to relax and let loose after your destination wedding. So don’t let the stress of packing get you down! We’ve asked the experts at iFly Luggage to share their top packing tips for honeymooners:

1.          Create a Color Scheme: Stick to one color palette such as black and white to reduce the number of matching accessories that must be packed. Shoes and handbags can be heavy and bulky so minimizing the number you need is both a space and weight saver!

2.          Hang Your Items: Hanging your items saves time and prevents wrinkles: leave shirts and/or blouses on hangers and protect them with bags from the dry cleaners (they prevent wrinkles)! Fold the hanging items in half in the suitcase on top of all other articles. When you arrive at your destination, you just transfer all hanging items to the closet. Ready to hit the beach!

3.          Compression Bags: Invest in see-thru bags that compress your clothing. These awesome inventions minimize space when packing – more bikinis!

4.          Ziplocs: Pack liquids in Ziplocs to avoid spillages inside your cosmetic bags or the possibility of damaging your clothes. Added bonus: throw your phone in a Ziploc before heading to the beach to avoid damages. Don’t forget extras for the way back!

5.          Foldable, Fashionable Sun Hats: Foldable sun hats that don’t take up tons of room and return to their original shape immediately? We’re not sure if these were made for Honeymooners, but we have a feeling!

6.          Carry It On: Everyone’s nightmare is lost luggage, so don’t forget to bring an outfit, bathing suit and flip flops in your carry on in case yours doesn’t show up on time (crossing our fingers it wont happen to you).

7.          Packing Cubes: Another genius invention, packing cubes allow you to separate your clothes and accessories into smaller bags so they fit nicely and compartmentalized in your suitcase.

8.          Pack Flat: Packing flat is the new rolling, layer your clothes on top of each other for more room and less wrinkles! 

9.          Laundry Bag: Pack laundry bag for dirty clothes – you don’t want to stink up your clean clothes!

iFly Luggage has been on the travel scene since 2013 and the brand’s goal was to create stylish, quality luggage at an affordable price. Their motto is “Great luggage shouldn’t cost more than your airfare.” iFly’s hope is that you’ll take the money you save on your luggage and use it toward travel experiences. The brand also offers a “Travel Carefree” 10-year warranty. The brand’s individual pieces range from $43 to $89 and they also sell luggage sets. Visit iflyluggage.com to start shopping for your honeymoon luggage or for more info.

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