It's Not All About You

How to Love Your Ring

July 22, 2015
Words by Jessica Fitzpatrick
Photos courtesy of Jessica Fitzpatrick

If you have a dream ring and secretly want to make sure your boyfriend is in the loop, there’s nothing wrong with that. Every girl wants to love their wedding rings!

He Wants the Right Ring Too

Remember, it’s not just about you. This is a huge financial and life-long decision for your guy, as well. He wants to pick something you’ll love and for you to be happy. Dropping hints isn’t a bad thing and he may appreciate the guidance.

How to Tell Him

Comment on Other Rings

If you love a friend’s ring, tell him that you like it and why. It’s also important to be specific on what you like. You could also do this with rings you don’t like, but that would probably be best done in private, yikes!

Take a Detour at the Mall

When out and about shopping, go into a jewelry store and look for fun. If you are nervous, initially go in to look at bracelets or something else and then slowly make your way to the rings.

Pinterest What You Like

Post pictures of the rings you like on your Pinterest so he can see. My friend did this and her fiancé ended up designing a ring based on her pins. How sweet is that?

Tell Your Girlfriends and Mom

Lots of guys will ask a girl’s friends or family members for help. Make sure they are in the loop on what you want. Otherwise, they might end up telling him what they think you want, or even worse, unknowingly pick out what they like.

Bite the Bullet and Tell Him

Feel out the topic first, and if you think he is comfortable and receptive, tell him what you want. Wouldn’t this be the easiest option?

Post a Picture on the Fridge

Okay, maybe you should be careful with this one. This might be best only if he has a sense of humor and you all have been talking seriously about rings for a while.

Tips for Guys: Don’t Skimp on the Ring

Let me preface this section by saying I know everyone’s financial position and priority level for material things is different. But overall, just keep in mind you should get a ring you both love.

When I was shopping for my wedding band with my fiancé, there was something a jeweler said to us that stuck. He said don’t buy a ring where you end up saying to friends, “You should have seen the ring we really wanted.” I understand he was a salesman, but I still think it’s a valid point to consider (again, within your means).

Try Them On – You Will Be Surprised at What You Like

I was completely surprised to realize I wasn’t in love with the design I originally picked out for my ring. Every style looks different on each person. Think about it…we all have various sized hands and fingers as well as different skin tones. While you might like something in a picture or on a friend, you may not be a big fan of that ring for yourself. Just for fun, take a chance and try on styles you originally hadn’t considered too.

Partnership is What Matters Most

In the end, getting married is really about starting an exciting journey and growing together in a beautiful partnership. I hope you all find the right ring, but more importantly, the right partner and a lifetime of happiness.

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