Don’t Assume Your Guests Won’t Come

Four Expert Wedding Planning Tips

November 14, 2016
Words by Lindsay Landman
Photos courtesy of Allan Zepeda Photography

If you are planning a destination wedding, you can never be too prepared! With the additional logistics and leaps of faith inherent in planning a wedding far from home, you may want a few extra tips from a pro. I have been planning weddings all over the globe since 2001 and was recently named one of the “Top Wedding Planners in the World” by Vogue. Here are four morsels to get you going in the right destination wedding planning direction:

  1. Get a Thorough Wedding Website
    A destination wedding involves additional logistics for your bridal party, family and guests. Multiple events, travel details, weekend activities and the like can be challenging to convey via email or a printed invitation, so set yourself up for success with a great wedding website. While the free sites may not be able to accommodate all of the crucial details, inexpensive options like or will be worth the investment. You can also take it to the next level with a custom app from sites like
  2. Don’t Assume Your Guests Won’t Come
    Destination weddings are trending bigger and bigger each year. Gone are the days when you could invite 100 guests to yield just 30. As frequent travel has become more of a way of life for so many, couples are getting more affirmative responses than ever, so plan accordingly.
  3. Ask for What you Want in Writing
    Anything from a napkin fold or chair selection to a menu item or wedding cake flavor should be clearly documented. Since it is likely you may not be able to make many of your arrangements in person, the best way to make sure your venue and vendors are held accountable is through clear documentation, including photos and diagrams. This is important for every wedding, but even more so with destination weddings, since you may not always be speaking the same language (literally or figuratively!) as the local wedding pros at your destination.
  4. Don’t Forget a “Plan B”
    No matter the location, a “Plan B” to account for inclement weather is essential. I’ve had rain on the beaches of Anguilla, in the South of India, in Virginia horse country and at a country inn in Vermont…no one expects it, but it is always a possibility. The more well prepared you are, the more you can enjoy your wedding, regardless of the elements.

Want to learn more about destination wedding planning or make it a career? Then don’t miss my, Lindsay Landman’s, online course on Destination Wedding Planning at the Event Leadership Institute this December. Happy Planning!

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