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May 24, 2017
Words by Lindsey McIntosh
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Traveling can be stressful, and finding a flight that can get you to your off-the-beaten-path destination can be even harder. Thankfully, FlyOtto has made the world of luxury travel a lot easier and more affordable. This recently launched “black car service in the sky” eliminates the often confusing and stressful steps needed to get a private flight.

Rod Rakic, an FAA commercial pilot, launched FlyOtto last September. He and his team wanted to make high-end traveling for the frequent flyer both safe and accessible. The online experience for booking these private flights is the first of its kind. You can easily hop on their site to search for private flights with departures in less than 24 hours. There is no membership required. All you have to do is select a pick-up location and destination. A map then populates showing the closets airports with a list of private planes or helicopters you can choose from. Instant quotes on trips and bookings are shown, so you are always aware of the price. Since this is a small airline business, you have the luxury to book them at a time that is most convenient for you. Rod Rakic says, “The advantage of using FLyOtto is having access to 5,000 public airports located in underserved communities that are more difficult to travel in and out of, especially on short notice.”

Our editor, Courtney Cox, was fortunate enough to get to try FlyOtto firsthand. Below, you can read about her experience and her overall review. 

“As a frequent traveler, I’m very familiar with the potential stress and inconvenience flying through a major airport can cause. You’re encouraged to get there two hours early in order to have time to check your bags and get through security.  On the off-chance security isn’t a madhouse, you end up sitting at the gate twiddling your thumbs.

So, when FlyOtto approached us at Destination I Do, I was immediately intrigued by the unique service. FlyOtto caters to you and your schedule, not the other way around. Through FlyOtto, you pick your destinations, airports, plane and departure times. When your travel day arrives, the plane and pilot are literally at your beck-and-call. There’s no added airport security, no waiting and no checking bags. You simply arrive at your chosen airport, meet your pilot and walk straight onto the tarmac for a quick and easy departure.

For example, I chose to fly from Phoenix, Arizona to Telluride, Colorado in February using FlyOtto. The pilot called me the night before to introduce himself and double-check all the arrangements. He also gave me an update on some potential weather issues. As it turns-out, snow in Telluride delayed our flight, but with FlyOtto it was no big deal. The pilot called me ahead of time to let me know, so I didn’t go to the airport unnecessarily, and presented me with a series of options on how to proceed. We could leave later in the day when the weather cleared or we could simply go somewhere else. I was shocked at this option, but was told that the plane and pilot were at my disposal and I only had to say the words to change our destination. Overall, I was very impressed with the service and it would be a wonderful way to add a special element to your honeymoon. As a bonus, FlyOtto also offers an in-flight amenity that includes wine, gourmet chocolates and other treats.

The planes, prices and their capacities vary based on your destination and needs. Another added bonus is that you get picked-up planeside once you land in your destination. Your destination wedding and/or honeymoon are the perfect time to go all-out and treat yourselves like celebrities. Also, if you’re traveling with kids, pets or lots of luggage, FlyOtto is a convenient and stress-free option compared to the major airports and airlines. Traveling via FlyOtto is certainly more expensive than flying commercial, but it is a great option for treating yourselves and even your guests.”

This service is perfect for a destination wedding or honeymoon in an area not near a major airport. For more information and bookings, head to

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Courtney Cox (1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th) and FlyOtto (5th and 6th). 

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