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June 15, 2017
Words by Courtney Kellar
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Our friends over at Robbins Brothers know a thing or two about engagement rings. OK, they know a lot about engagement rings! They are called “the engagement ring store,” after all. When we asked them to share some of their knowledge with us and the DID readers, Robbins Brothers was kind enough to share the below infographic, “Diamond Buying Do’s & Don’ts,” as well as five tips for personalizing your bridal jewelry. If there’s one thing Robbins Brothers has learned over the years when it comes to engagement rings, it’s that little additions can make a big impact: 

Size Does Matter

Pick a diamond weight that represents a significant date in your relationship. For example, one of Robbins Brothers’ grooms proposed with a 1.06ct ring to represent the couple’s January 6 anniversary. Also, take the number of diamonds in the setting into consideration. For example, one bride specifically requested a three-stone ring because she felt each side diamond represented their journey as individuals, with the center diamond representing their life together.

Consider Mixing Metals

Use a metal type or color to symbolize your love. Take advantage of the trend and create a unique piece with a colored metal or interesting metal type. For example, one of Robbins Brothers’ grooms proposed with a Lashbrook meterorite and black diamond band from Lashbrook to represent the couple’s “out-of-this-world love” for each other.

Add Sentimental Value

Add a loved one’s birthstone to the engagement ring or wedding band. Incorporating color into an engagement ring or wedding band can do more than just add flair. For example, one of Robbins Brothers’ grooms proposed with an engagement ring that incorporated his love’s father’s birthstone, whom had recently passed away.

A Treasured Heirloom

Incorporate an inherited element to the bridal set. Taking the time to incorporate a piece that already holds sentimental value is a classic touch. For example, one of Robbins Brothers’ grooms proposed with an engagement ring that had his soon-to-be fiancé’s great-grandmother’s wedding band attached.

Dreams Do Come True

Make it yours by adding a pop of color. Opting for a gemstone setting is a bold and unique choice. It can also make-or-break his/her dream ring. For example, one Robbins Brothers’ groom proposed with a bright pink sapphire Verragio engagement ring for his Disney-obsessed love. Thus, creating a ring truly meant for a Disney princess.

Below, check-out Robbins Brothers’ infographic: “Diamond Buying Do’s & Don’ts – 14 Essential Tips to Make You a Diamond Hero.” Some of our favorite tips include researching the 4 C’s and to not forget the diamond’s polish and symmetry.

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Tacori (1st) and Robbins Brothers (2nd-5th & infographic).

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