A 111-Day Honeymoon Package!

March 28, 2017
Words by Melina Zúñiga
Photos courtesy of Exotic Voyages

Are you looking for something other than a typical honeymoon? Are you longing for spiritual enlightenment where you can mediate with monks, journey to Tibet and take part in sacred ceremonies that last more than two weeks? If so, embark on Exotic Voyages’ “The Razor’s Edge: A Spiritual and Cultural Quest” package.

Over the course of 111 days, you and your lovebird can take a journey that spans over 13 countries across Asia and the Middle East, traveling for an opportunity to find your peace of mind. Visiting culturally rich countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and India, among others, each destination will contribute to the spiritual journey you didn’t know you needed.

If 111 days is too long because of life commitments, there are smaller segments available that can be broken up over the course of a few years or made into a shorter tour based on your availability.

The length of this spiritual journey ranges from a three-night stay in a destination such as Cambodia and Laos, to a 16-night tour through China. Each destination can be chosen and combined with others to be personalized and of specific interest to you. The whole 111-day journey starts at $48,000 USD per person and includes some of the following:

●     Forest bathing, a term encompassing the health benefits of immersing oneself is nature, is heightened at Mt Gyejok, South Korea, as visitors go barefoot along a 14-kilometer red clay trail through the pines.

●     In Laos, travelers take part in a Baci Ceremony, a Buddhist ceremony not normally offered to tourists that is believed to provide health and protection. 

●     One of the most spectacular declarations of both love and Muslim architecture, the Taj Mahal in Agra, is one of the many holy sites visited in India.

●     In Myanmar, sightseeing gets active with bike tours of both Bagan, with its thousands of temples, and Mandalay, the country’s cultural hub.  

If interested in a spiritual getaway across Asia or for more information, you can visit exoticvoyages.com and get started on your own epic journey. 

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