An Interview With DID’s Editor

August 6, 2018
Words by Jennifer Stein
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It’s not every day that the editor of a national wedding magazine gets engaged. Therefore, our Fall/Winter 2018 issue’s “Editor’s Letter” is a special one. Our very own Courtney Cox (soon to be Courtney Kellar) heard the question she’d been waiting for, “Will you marry me?”

When she came into the office to spill the beans and, of course, after the squeals, tears and jumping subsided, I quickly realized – the author has now become the reader! To take full advantage of this rare opportunity, I decided to switch gears and let her be the subject of the interview for once. Having eight years at Destination I Do under her belt, she has some serious insider knowledge and unique wisdom. 

Q: What’s the first thing you did when you got your ring?

A: I asked my fiancé if he had gotten jewelry insurance! Most women lose or damage their engagement ring within the first year, because they aren’t used to wearing one. I also made sure we had a jewelry insurance policy that covers international travel, since I go abroad regularly for the magazine.

Q: How has working in the wedding industry, specifically for a wedding magazine, shaped your own wedding plans?

A: I feel like I have a very realistic picture of what the planning process looks like. Not only in terms of logistics, but cost! My fiancé and I have been together throughout my eight years at the magazine and I’ve run the gamut in terms of what I thought I wanted – everything from a large, traditional wedding to an elopement. Because of my background, I feel like I skipped the “honeymoon phase” of being engaged and jumped straight into the reality of what planning a wedding entails. 

Q: How has your view of weddings changed in the time you’ve been in the business?

A: I started at DID when I was 22 and I definitely took a romantic, somewhat naïve approach to weddings. For me it was all about the fairy tale. Now that I’ve matured and gained knowledge over the years, I realize that all of those things cost money. I’m a frugal person by nature, yet have very expensive taste. Those two contradictions don’t exactly add up to a big, fancy event. I can appreciate a gorgeous, over-the-top wedding as much as anyone, but it’s important to know what works for you and your fiancé’s personalities and priorities.

Q: What is something you will absolutely splurge on for your wedding celebration? And what will you save on?

A: For us, it’s all about the guest experience – thanking the people who have loved and supported us over the many years we’ve been together! Epic food, an open bar and a live band are top priorities. Also, a top-notch photographer – if there’s one thing I’m snobby about, it’s photography! As for areas in which to save, I would say my dress and décor. Ideally, our guests will spend all their time on the dance floor and not sitting at their tables admiring centerpieces (or lack thereof in my case!).

Q: How many gowns do you think you’ll try on and will you continue to shop even after you’ve found “the one?”

A: Normally, I’m in and out of a fitting room in lighting speed – either I like something or I don’t, there’s no hemming and hawing. But, for wedding dresses, I don’t know what’s going to look best on my body and I want something that fits the setting we ultimately choose. I can’t imagine trying on more than 10 dresses, but who knows! One thing I do know for sure is that I won’t continue to shop once I’ve made my choice. To me, that sounds like torture and a recipe for regretting my decision!

Q: Which story are you most pumped about in this issue, now that your ring finger is considerably heavier?

A: I have a nerdy fascination with national parks, so I’m in love with our Ask the Expert story, “National Park Nuptials” (pg. 68). Also, I’m all about the details, so the Guest Book story “Spending Savvy – What You Get for the Money” (pg. 34) is right up my alley and completely fascinating. And, of course, the Real-Life Weddings (pg. 94) is always a favorite. DID’s couples never cease to amaze me with their creativity and thoughtful responses.

Congratulations to you, Courtney! You’re going to be a beautiful bride no matter where you say your destination “I do’s!” I just hope you let us cover YOUR story in our Real-Life Weddings section!

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