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Top 5 Engagement Ring Mistakes

June 29, 2018
Words by Brilliant Earth
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Many people have difficulty purchasing simple gifts for their significant others, let alone something as important as an engagement ring. At Brilliant Earth, we’ve helped the under-prepared, over-prepared and overwhelmed, sort through options and feel confident with their engagement ring choice. We spoke with the Showroom Director of Brilliant Earth’s San Francisco location, Tim Sullivan, about some of the top mistakes people make when picking an engagement ring and steps they can take to avoid these mistakes with their ring purchase.

Mistake #1: No Research

Our jewelry specialists offer personalized assistance on learning about diamonds, choosing your ideal diamond or gemstone and exploring which settings are popular for different aesthetics. But, the one thing we don’t know is your significant other’s personal style.

Don’t show up without any sense of her personal style.

Do a bit of detective work before your appointment. Does she wear more neutral colors or bold prints? More jeans or dresses? Ask friends and family, check Pinterest or go through your partner’s jewelry box to get an idea of what she likes. A good thing to note: if she only wears yellow gold or rose gold, that’s probably a safe bet for her engagement ring, as well. If she doesn’t wear a lot of jewelry, platinum or white gold are a safe option.

Mistake #2: Too Many Opinions

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we’ve also seen men come to the showrooms with an entourage of friends and family. This usually results in an overwhelming whirlwind of opinions, making a decision more difficult.

Don’t show up with everyone close to your significant other.

Do remember that this ring is a gesture from you to your significant other, not from all her friends and family. If you choose to bring someone, pick one, tops two, very close people; but make it clear before the appointment that the final decision is yours.

Mistake #3: Rushing the Ring

It takes time to make the perfect ring.

Don’t wait until a few weeks pre-proposal to start searching.

Do allow proper time to look for the engagement ring. It takes at least two weeks with Brilliant Earth’s Create Your Ring process, since each ring is handcrafted based on your unique selection. Keep this in mind before booking the proposal trip or flying in friends and family to witness the big moment.

Mistake #4: Fearing Simple Styles

You know your significant other better than anyone else, so think about what she’ll truly love in a ring. If that is something simple, there’s no need to push boundaries.

Don’t use her engagement ring to try something totally different from what she typically likes. Incorporating birthstones or highly intricate custom designs can be risky if you aren’t sure she’ll love them.

Do trust your gut. Remember that this is something she’ll be wearing every day. If you aren’t sure of your partner’s style, err on the side of something classic like a round solitaire or an accented band. Classic rings are always an elegant option when you aren’t sure where to turn.

Mistake #5: Taking This Too Seriously

Ring shopping should be fun!

Don’t stress out too much, it will all turn out perfectly in the end.

Do relax and enjoy choosing your partner’s ring. You’ll always remember this experience, so best to make it a happy one!

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