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April 21, 2014
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Fake Bake

There’s no doubt you’ll be glowing with happiness on your destination wedding day! As a bonus, you can also take steps to make sure you’re literally glowing – with a lovely, flawless tan! While being a sun-worshiper or slave to the tanning bed is one way to go about it, there’s an alternative solution for having a beautiful tan with which to walk down the aisle: Fake Bake sunless tanning lotions and sprays. When you think of fake tanner, you might picture orange-tinted streaks, but not anymore.

Fake Bake contains no dyes, which means there are no streaks, dark spots or orange color. However, the dual-bronzers ensure an easy application because you can see where you’ve applied and can avoid a patchy tan. Fake Bake’s products also come with a professional mitt with which to apply the product – making it easier on you to get a consistent color and avoid having orange hands at the end of it all. The formula is also fast drying and fast absorbing which makes it transfer resistant and is boosted by DMI and Erythulose – making the tan more intense and long lasting.

If you’re considering using a Fake Bake tanning lotion, or any self-tanning lotion, for your destination wedding or honeymoon, be sure to try it out long before the big event. That way you can ensure your skin doesn’t have a bad reaction and you can practice getting just the right color for your skin. You may even find that Fake Bake tanning products do really well for your skin. They contain anti-cellulite ingredients, anti-oxidants and anti-aging ingredients such as peptides and can also dramatically soften your skin. To begin shopping for Fake Bake sunless tanning products, or to learn more about what the brand has to offer, visit fakebake.com.

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