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Fall Beauty Tips & Fashion Trends

January 3, 2019
Words by Courtney Kellar
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The leaves are beginning to change and the scent of Pumpkin Spice Lattes is in the air, so it’s the first day in the next installment of our #DestinationX series – Destination: Fall Weddings! Throughout the week we will have expert advice, a round-up of our favorite autumnal destinations, fashion inspiration and real-life destination weddings! Today’s post highlights expert skincare tips that can be put to good use year-round, but are especially helpful for brides saying “I do” in chilly, fall weather. It also includes fall bridal trends covering everything from colors to crowns.

A Skin Care Pro’s Tips to Looking Flawless in Fall

Words by Jennifer Stein

God did not bless me with beautiful skin. I found my first pimple at age 12 and it became an uphill battle from that point until now. Dermatologist appointments resulted in everything from antibiotic prescriptions to Accutane and nothing seemed to truly help. Now on the eve of my 40th birthday, I’m in a new phase. My problematic, acne-prone skin began showing the signs of aging, so the problem became two fold – how to simultaneously treat sensitive skin while fighting Father Time? Enter Brandie Barclay.

An eighteen-year veteran in the skin care profession, aesthetician, certified laser technician and, dare I say, skin care savant, Barclay is part of the renowned team at Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, Arizona. I recently sought her out to finally rid myself of my skin care woes.

In the few visits I’ve had with Brandie Barclay, I’ve seen improvements in my skin I didn’t think possible. She began with a chemical peel to clear up current breakouts, started me on a new skin care line and gave me a solid plan of what was ahead: micro-needling treatments, dermaplane exfoliation, facials and top-of-the-line skin care products. Not only was she confident the process would clear up active breakouts, but it would also prevent and even treat my damaged, discolored and aging skin. She was right. Impressed and convinced is an understatement, so I felt compelled to share some of her knowledge with you, in the hopes you too can “give good face” on your wedding day and every day thereafter!

Q: What is the difference between seeing a dermatologist to work out your skin issues versus working with an aesthetician at a plastic surgeon’s office?

A: It really depends on the skin care issues. Having an aesthetician to guide you is a great starting point. I will always refer to a dermatologist if anything on the skin looks suspicious, cancerous or out of my scope of care. Using aggressive treatments or antibiotics may or may not be necessary, but aestheticians are trained to know the difference.

Q: What are some of the best “quick fixes” and procedures that make the biggest impact with the least amount of downtime?

A: This is an exciting time for aesthetics because our options are endless. For visible changes in the skin, some downtime may be necessary, but most treatments can be done and pass the “I can still go to Target” test. Meeting the parents tonight? Get a killer facial! I suggest a clarifying treatment that includes a dermaplane exfoliation with a purifying mask, vitamin infusion, stem cell moisturizer, topped with skin tightening retinol. You will glow! The best part is, the anti-aging benefits long outlast the weekend. Big party in two weeks? Botox, baby!

Q: Are there any red flags a patient should be aware of when they’re working with a cosmetic skin care professional for the first time?

A: You want an experienced provider who does an extensive consultation. Steer clear of a “one size fits all” approach. I want to know EVERYTHING first, so I can make the best choices for you. What are your daily habits? Home care? Skin care goals? I like patients to leave with a “plan of attack.” Timeframe and budget also play a big part in getting fantastic results.

Q: What’s the best procedure someone could do for $500? $1000? $5000?

A: This is a hard question because a twenty-eight-year-old’s needs will not be the same as a sixty-eight-year-old. For $500 – refresh your look at any age with a peel or micro-needle and build your home care arsenal. For $1000 – add some neurotoxin to relax frown lines, lift your brow and soften/prevent crows feet. For $5,000 – restore lost facial volume with dermal fillers or tighten and restore skin texture with several fractional laser treatments.

Q: Currently, what is your favorite skin care line you use on your clients?

A: Living in Arizona, the most common issues I see are premature aging from the sun and sensitivity. For sun-damaged skin, I love the serious improvement I get from the Obagi Nu-Derm Systems. They just don’t disappoint! We carry products from seven different top lines that address everything from extreme sensitivity to anti-aging super-serums. This means, I WILL find you an SPF you love…no excuses!

I am a true believer that each face needs its own specialty cocktail.

For more information on Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery and Brandie Barclay’s services, visit

10 Beautiful Bridal Trends for Fall

Words by Kacey Bradley

Whether your wedding is right around the corner or it’s coming up in the next year or two, you’re probably doing your best to stay on top of the bridal trends. They’re always changing, as designers debut new accessories and silhouettes on the runway. Even if you’ve already bought the wedding dress of your dreams, it’s never too late to change up your accessories. If you’ve yet to go dress shopping, this list of 10 bridal trends is here to help you weed out the less trendy options.

1. Over-the-Top Extras

Beading. Fringe. Feathers. Nothing is off-limits anymore when it comes to wedding gowns. Lavish embellishments are currently having a moment both on the runway and off, so if you’re into the over-the-top look in your daily life, consider going all in with lots of beading or even sequins.

2. Stark Minimalism

On the other hand, minimalistic wedding dresses are also all over the runways and bridal boutiques. Clean, simple lines and quality fabrics make these simple dresses the perfect option for a bride who prefers a more low-key style, both on her wedding day and in her everyday life. If you consider yourself a classic bride, think about going minimalist on the big day.

3. Bows, Belts and Other Accessories

Regardless of which end of the spectrum you land on – or even if you’re somewhere in-between – it doesn’t hurt to add an extra dash of flair to your wedding-day ensemble. If you hit the bridal boutiques this season, you’ll see lots of dresses feature large bows, chic belts and other fun, unexpected embellishments.

4. Illusion Tulle

If you love the idea of going strapless or trying a plunging neckline, but don’t want to spend your wedding day continually readjusting your dress, the current trend of illusion tulle straps is for you. True to its name, illusion tulle is virtually invisible to the naked eye, but it fills in the gaps between your dress, so everything stays in place. Sometimes the tulle replaces straps, gets tucked in between thin straps or holds together a plunging neckline.

5. Fairy Tale-Inspired Silhouettes

Anyone who wants to look like an hourglass-shaped goddess on her wedding day should strongly consider the contemporary fairy tale-inspired silhouettes that are out right now. They feature sweetheart necklines, a cut that skims the hips and a lavish train that flares out to accentuate your curves. It’s impossible not to feel like a fairy tale heroine in one of these curving-skimming dresses.

6. Floral Crowns

Even if you’re not getting married outside, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel like a woodland princess. And if you are having an outdoor wedding, this next trend is a must: floral crowns. Floral crowns bring the bohemian-chic vibes, whether you’re the only one wearing flowers or you dress all your bridesmaids in blooms, too. You can also skip the flowers and opt for greenery like eucalyptus if that fits your style better.

7. Lacy Capes

There are veils, there are trains and then there are capes. Bridal capes add some extra drama to your dress, whether it’s already lavishly embellished or otherwise very simplistic. Most are lace, which creates an aura of romance. If you go for a cape, pair it with an equally romantic, soft hairstyle and skip the veil.

8. Contemporary Trains

If you decide to go the train route instead, you have many options. Many modern wedding gowns feature equally contemporary trains in opaque silks with surprisingly sharp edges. These trains are in contrast to the traditional rounded, lacy trains your mother might’ve worn, but if that’s what you’re into, that type of train is still trending, as well.

9. Pretty Pearls

Another old-school classic that’s coming back? The simple set of pearls. Once upon a time, almost every bride rocked pearls as she walked down the aisle. If you’d like to do the same, invest in a beautiful strand or find another way to incorporate pearls into your look, maybe through a bracelet or an ornate hair comb. Modern bridal boutiques offer many updated versions of the strand of pearls for a forward-thinking bride.

10. Splashes of Dark Colors

Whether you opt for a bright white, a creamy ivory or a soft blush dress, there’s one surefire way to really play up your chosen hue: add a splash of black, royal purple, navy blue or any other darker tone you like. It could be the clutch you carry to the reception or a thin sash around your waist. However you add it, this small accent will elevate your wedding-day style.

Now that you know all about the trends currently taking off in the bridal world, there’s just one thing left to do: head out and find the bridal gown – and accompanying accessories – that will make you feel like a princess when you say “I do.”

Photos courtesy of (in order of appearance): Eva Papp & Zoltan Schneider with Papp Schneider Photography for Daalarna (1st, 5th, 8th & 10th), Halfpenny London (2nd & 7th), Galia Lahav (3rd), Claire Pettibone (4th), Masato Onoda for Watters (6th), Masato Onoda for WTOO (9th), Hayley Paige (11th), Monique Lhuillier (12th), Anton Oparin for Julie Vino (13th), Greg Finck for Rime Arodaky (14th) & Reem Acra (15th).

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