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Fall Wedding Fashion Trends

November 30, 2017
Words by The Black Tux
Photos courtesy of The Black Tux

We all know a lot goes into making your special day magical. As the seasons change, so do wedding trends, and it can feel overwhelming to try and keep up with them along with everything else. But don’t worry — this season has us falling in love with the following wedding top trend picks and must-haves.

Crisp Colors
This season has navy and marsala, orange and beige and plum and grey as the main contenders for the trendiest color schemes for a fall wedding. These color palettes provide the perfect mix of mood and seasonality. The darker hues paired with the plums and marsalas give us a sense of elegance and romance, leaving the lighter hues paired with orange to give us more of a playful characteristic reminding us of one of our favorite fall pastimes in the pumpkin patch!

Bridal Party Attire
First step to achieving a fall color scheme? The bridal party.

For the bride, the classic white or ivory gown is, of course, timeless. Long-sleeved, open back lace dresses are amongst the many bridal trends as well. Due to the crisp fall air, brides will opt for beautiful cashmere sweaters that match their attire to keep the chill away.

For the bridesmaids, keep it tasteful and weather-appropriate with full-length and flowing dresses. To keep with the elegant and romantic vibes, stick with the deep purples, reds and beiges. For a more playful tone, incorporate the brighter hues in the orange palette. Having trouble deciding on the right color palette for your wedding party? Take advantage of resources such as David Bridal’s color swatches to keep up with the seasonal color trends. Don’t be afraid to match with your groomsmen and bridesmaids. The Black Tux has a line of wedding tuxedo rentals that come in an array of colors, including all the trendy fall hues.

To really capture the fall atmosphere, it is important to choose your décor based on what best invokes this year’s color trends. When it comes to the décor, inspiration from rustic and whimsical themes are amongst the most popular, and this season décor often comes with a one-two punch of function. Hello, mason jars. 

Don’t be afraid to include the typical fall décor such as pumpkins and/or barrels full of apples. These small, personalized touches are what truly stand out.

For your floral arrangements, chrysanthemums and dahlias are of the most popular, but there are many other floral arrangements to choose from as well. In place of blooms, we’ve also seen berries used for color, which adds a nice touch!

To sum it up, let your décor capture the spirit of the autumnal outdoors.

Have Your Cake (And Eat It, Too)
A great way to personalize your reception and create a truly unique experience for your guests is through the food. This season couples are taking advantage of what’s local and seasonal, no matter the type of station they have set up.

But one of our most favorite things at a wedding is the dessert, am I right? In lieu of the traditional tiered wedding cakes, new trends now include dessert tables with an abundance of sweets, cupcake towers and even doughnut stations! Pumpkin spice is never off limits.

What has been your favorite fall trend so far and how would you incorporate it into your special day? We would love to know!

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