Worth More Than Money

A Sentimental Gift Idea

November 29, 2017
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Flatterbox

Weddings are a sentimental time in your life. A time when you look around and reminisce on old memories with dear friends and family, taking into account who is still with you during such an important milestone.

Gift giving can be tricky, especially if you’re the nostalgic, emotional-type. A gift card or money won’t cut it and giving something off a registry doesn’t take much more effort. What do you give the couple, or your betrothed, or even your maid of honor that will be worth more than money can buy? The Flatterbox.

Flatterbox comes in a few different varieties (from Classic – what this review is based off of) and other fill-as-you-go options such as The Grab-and-Go Collection. The Classic Flatterbox is the one I was able to try out. The idea behind it is to provide the gift recipient with a series of cards filled with sentiments from different people who you invite to participate. An initial email is sent to the people you invite with simple instructions on how to enter a message to the gift recipient. Each card is filled out with those short messages from loved ones. The final product arrives in a clear plastic box and silver bow. The starting price is $69 for a set of 50 cards and goes up from there.

What I loved about the product: It’s a thoughtful and special gift that, once completed, will be a treasure to the person it’s given to for years to come. It is also affordable and worth every penny. It was well created, beautifully designed and something I’m excited to deliver to the person it’s intended for.

What I didn’t love about the product: It can be a bit laborious for the person putting it together. I had planned on it taking about a month from start-to-finish to get all the sentiments completed and product in-hand. It ended up taking about twice that. Part of what took so long was that the participants I sent the invitations to either didn’t get the emails which were automatically generated by Flatterbox (they went to spam) or they didn’t understand the directions. In the end, I had to reach out via text, phone, email and even Facebook to gather the sentiments and explain how it worked. Only a handful of people were actually able to go through the intended process of clicking on the link from the invitation email and filling out the sentiments online. I had to enter many of them myself after going to extra lengths to get the messages from people.

Overall, it’s worth the labor. What enticed me to try the product in the first place was how it appeared to be a simple, yet extremely thoughtful, gift. In the end, what I didn’t count on was the confusion and added time it took to create the Flatterbox, but even with that, I would create another one – I would just give myself more lead time to make it happen. 

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