Helpful Travel Gadgets for Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

July 31, 2013
Words by Jennifer Stein
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Test Area – Buenos Aires Argentina

Who doesn’t love to try a new dessert? And in a culinary savvy destination like Argentina, it can be heartbreaking if you miss out. Argentineans by their very nature can be reluctant to do anything non-Argentinean, such as learn English. So not to my surprise very few Argentineans understood what I was trying to say. “Dessert menu please? “ I ask, followed by a blank stare. Let’s try, “after dinner food?” Nope that didn’t work either.  “Cake?” Confused smiles are often what you’ll get. Not being able to ask for something simple can really add frustration to your holiday. It’s often just one word you’ll need. One word and they’ll get it. Heck, I remember being in Beijing spending about 10 minutes asking for rice. I finally had to walk back into the kitchen to point at a rice cooker.
Using the 12-Language Global Translator by Franklin can eliminate your frustration.  Locals are fascinated by the pocket-sized gadget, and often comment that they wish they had one for English. It’s quick, compact and fun.   Even if you butcher the words, it is part of the experience. Locals get what you’re trying to say, and it always turns into an educational laughing session. 
Not to mention, this handy travel gadget has other useful tools such as currency converters, games (such as Hangman and Tic Tac Toe), phone lists, and clocks.  You can enter in contact names so that you don’t have to keep track of business cards, brochures and other cumbersome literature that will only weigh you down. Talk about a lame excuse to get a $25 charge for overweight luggage!
Because it is so small, you can carry it with you in a purse, back pack or satchel. Plus it’s durable enough to take with you almost anywhere. It’s a wonderful gift idea for your bridal party or for your soon-to-be spouse. It’s not a huge monetary commitment either with a price tag of only $99.95. Find it at or fine retailers nationwide.

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