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May 3, 2018
Words by Lauren Marshall
Photos courtesy of hims

There is a new kind of wellness brand aiming to help people be the best versions of themselves. The team over at hims has tips for brides and grooms alike to feel healthy and confident on their wedding day.

Weddings take a lot of planning, which leaves many couples scrambling to finish planning their honeymoon and get their bags packed and ready to go. That being said, it’s not a bad idea to get some tips for what to bring for your after-the-wedding celebration, so you have everything you need to fully enjoy your time together.

Outfits for every occasion

Choosing what clothes to bring on your honeymoon isn’t just about what the weather will be like. Plan for a day at the pool or beach and make sure both of you have a bathing suit or two ready to go. Bring a button-down and chinos for him, and a formal dress for her for a fancy dinner reservation that might pop up. Don’t forget a few casual outfits for sightseeing, hiking, shopping or relaxing at the resort.

All of the toiletries

Toiletries are huge for both him and her. Toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant are staples, but think about perfume, cologne, serums and other products that you might want on hand. Keep the weather in mind, too. If you’re going to a humid location, make sure you have the skin and hair products you need to keep your skin glowing and hair tame.

The medicine cabinet

Plan for everything. Bring a portable first-aid kit just to be safe, along with other medications that you and your new spouse might need, even if you don’t expect it! Make sure all of your prescription medications are filled and ready to go, grab Tylenol or Advil for minor aches and pains, pack those multivitamins and consider bringing ED medication for him (and on that note, check out this Honeymoon Sex Guide!) It’s important to be prepared for any situation that might pop up, so be ready for anything.

Ways to remember

Next to your wedding day, your honeymoon is a time that you’ll never want to forget. Bring ways to document your time together as newlyweds. Whether it’s an extra phone to snap pictures, a digital camera, something to record videos or a fun Polaroid camera, think about how you can make those moments last and look back on them years later.

Overall, the most important thing is to enjoy the time you have as newlyweds. With all of the details taken care of and your wedding day behind you, it’s the perfect time to enjoy your time together. Check out these weddings and relationship sections for insight all other topics you might be wondering about!

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