Honeymooning During the Pandemic

December 29, 2020
Words by Katy Anderson
Photos courtesy of Canva

It’s no question that 2020 has thrown everyone and everything into a loop, especially when it comes to weddings and honeymoons. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t get a little creative with how we do things. Your chance for an incredible, magical, romantic, luxurious honeymoon is not over. No matter what your circumstance looks like, there are safe options for you. Your dream honeymoon is just a couple of creative ideas away.

Throughout the process of planning your honeymoon, keep in mind that wherever you go, things might look a little different. Wait times could be longer, due to social distancing measures. Excursions might be closed, or modified. It is crucial that you do some research on your destination before choosing where to go. Through it all, remember this: your honeymoon, at its very core, is not entirely about where you go. It is about you and your spouse. It is about your first few days together as a married pair. What’s most important is that you put aside everything–work calls, Zoom meetings, social media, texting, facetiming – and focus entirely on your spouse. Treasure your alone time together. A honeymoon can be anywhere if this simple concept is in place.

For couples who are open to plane travel and destination honeymooning, you have two options for where you will stay: at a resort or in a rental, using services like VRBO and Airbnb. There are benefits to doing both, and deciding which one you want is completely up to your’s and your partner’s comfort levels.

Staying at a resort is not out of the question if that is what you and your spouse are leaning toward. Resorts across the world are doing everything they can to ensure their guests have a safe and fun stay. Try to choose a location that has lots of outdoor activities.

Renting a place is a great option too, for those who want something a bit more secluded. Find that little hidden gem of a condo that sits right on the beach, and bask in the sun all day, every day. By renting, you don’t have to worry as much about interacting closely with other people. You could even cook for yourselves if you are staying away from restaurants at this time.

No matter where you stay, there are plenty of options for things to do, especially in tropical destinations. Perhaps you decide to escape the crowds and spend a day lounging on the beach in Maui, in your own little area – just you and your spouse. Find a safe, designated area to snorkel, and just go for it. You might see a few underwater creatures and have a great time laughing at how silly your partner looks in a snorkel mask.

If you are avoiding travel during this time, you don’t have to miss out on your honeymoon. The same idea applies: focus on your spouse and anywhere can be a honeymoon experience. Rent a place outside the city, or travel to your favorite local resort. Drive a few hours–or even a few minutes–and spend the week secluded in a charming condo. Or, turn your home into a honeymoon destination. Cook together. Drink expensive wine. Make blanket forts. Jacuzzi. Eat all the junk food you want. Enjoy each other. Enjoy your time of being newlyweds, and plan out a future trip together. Do not let COVID steal your honeymoon. 

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