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How to Propose on Vacation

September 14, 2017
Words by Kimber Westphall
Photos courtesy of The Paris Photographer

These days, thanks to Instagram, we have access to witness some pretty breathtaking and stunning proposals. The Eiffel Tower, the canals of Venice, the London Eye…sigh. There are so many amazing places to propose, the world is literally your oyster. With these vacation proposals, there are countless moments to take in during the experience. The sights, the smells, the scenes…and then the practicality starts to sink in and the “what if’s.”

What if the airline loses my girlfriend’s luggage right before we are supposed to get engaged? What if I can’t read the Greek alphabet and can’t find our small hotel in Santorini?

All of a sudden, proposing internationally starts to sound difficult when tricky logistical realities sink in. Diamonds Direct is sharing their advice for how to propose on vacation, as they have more than 60 years of educating thousands of customers across the country and helping them find the perfect ring for their new brides. Here are a few tips they offered up if you’re planning to pop the question abroad!

  1. Get Your Ring Insured
    This is step one for ANY soon-to-be groom, regardless if you are proposing domestically or internationally. You insure your house; you insure your car, why wouldn’t you insure one of the biggest purchases of your life? The experts at Diamonds Direct spend a lot of time with customers to truly understand their wants, needs and styles. Now that you’ve found the ring of your dreams, do your research and find someone in your area who can appraise the ring and help with the insurance process. For example, Diamonds Direct actually has Certified Gemologists on-site who can appraise everything before you even walk out the door with the ring. They also help with the insurance process and offer recommendations. So, be sure to utilize your jeweler in this capacity too. Also, be sure to build this process into your timeline, so you aren’t trying to get your beautiful new purchase insured 24-hours before your flight. Also, many grooms wonder how they will get the ring through security at the airport and conceal the surprise to their fiancé. Diamonds Direct offers rings boxes and pouches, so make sure your jeweler equips you with the appropriate pieces.
  2. Talk To Your Hotel Concierge
    While your jeweler may have been your diamond expert and go-to, now it’s time to think of your hotel concierge as your proposal quarterback. They know all of the plays – they know the best restaurants in the city, the best sights, the best times to visit certain attractions. And they also know the secrets of the city. Maybe every Saturday morning there is a romantic violinist playing near the Trevi Foundation that only locals know about or a restaurant that only has one chef’s table. This is an amazing resource often provided for free by your hotel, so be sure to utilize it.
  3. Book a Photographer
    This is one of the first things Diamonds Direct encourages people to do. Who is photographing your big moment? While we recommend every soon-to-be groom books a photographer to capture the big question, this is especially cherished with an international proposal. Most likely, you won’t have many, if any, friends or family with you on your big trip to help snap the moment. You’re about to ask the love of your life to marry you in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Be sure someone is there to capture it. This also allows you to just be in the moment and enjoy.
  4. Allow Plenty of Time So You Aren’t Stressed
    Maybe you know your hometown like the back of your hand and can cruise from Point A to Point B in exactly 2.6 minutes. That’s great, but traveling internationally can cause some confusion. New roads, different signage and a lack of Uber may have you running just a few minutes behind. Build this into your proposal timeline. Allowing yourself just a few minutes in case you get turned around will help you de-stress, your soon-to-be fiancé relax and your photographer can capture beautiful, smiling faces.
  5. Make Sure This is Something Your Fiancé Wants
    As simple as this may sound, it’s a biggie. Remember, at the end of the day, this is about you and your new fiancé. Always remember her style and preferences, starting with the ring you pick out (at Diamonds Direct, they always ask what she would like and her lifestyle so they can better understand her jewelry style) and all the way through the proposal. Maybe you saw an international proposal on TV or in the movies and thought, “That’s it! That’s how I’m going to propose!” Proposing on vacation can be so much fun and a huge romantic gesture, but make sure it’s the proposal of her dreams too. Lastly, be sure to ask your jeweler for suggestions on how to propose. They are the eyes and ears for so many engagements, so they have many fantastic ideas up their sleeves!

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