Hurricane Season Tips

Hurricane Season Travel Tips

October 31, 2017
Words by Katie Martin
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Travelling during hurricane season can a bit alarming, but America’s largest retail travel agency brand, Travel Leaders, offers some advice to travel and stay safe during this time of the year. Travel Leaders assists millions of leisure and business travelers, annually and has extensive profiles of travel agents all across the country to help out with all of your needs, especially during hurricane season.

“The six-month hurricane season affects the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico more severely between August and October,” says Roger E. Block, CTC, president of Travel Leaders Network. So, the travel agents at Travel leaders are here to assist you when you travel at this time.

Here are Travel Leaders’ main tips for keeping safe during hurricane season:

1. Follow the evacuation directions of local authorities  If the city is recommending that you leave town, plan to do so as quickly as possible in advance of the storm rather than the day the storm is due to make landfall.

2. Feel secure knowing that the travel industry is working on your behalf Several companies, especially airlines, will be working to try to get you out of the hurricane zone and get you to where you need to be.

3. Drive to neighboring destination in advance of storm – If you can catch a ride or drive to a neighboring city that’s not near the eye of the storm, you may be able to catch flights home without additional costs.

4. Shelter in place at a hotel  If your flight is canceled and you can’t get another flight, it is best to stay at a hotel that is inland, away from the beach. Hotel staff may direct you to interior rooms, shelter areas or stairwells if the storm is directly in your area.

5. Keep your mobile phone charged  Staying in touch with loved ones and your travel agent is important to one’s travel planning during a hurricane, especially when you need to make travel plans to get home.

For more information on Travel Leaders, visit their website here or call 800-335-TRIP (8747).

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