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Are Bridal Separates Right for You?

July 5, 2018
Words by Leanne Marshall
Photos courtesy of Leanne Marshall Designs

Having trouble figuring out what bridal dress is right for you? Are you stuck between choosing a gown or separates? Continue reading to see which styles from my bridal collections may be right for you. 

Traditional Gown Versus Bridal Separates

I first launched my signature bridal line in 2011 after designing custom gowns for brides who had seen my designs on Project Runway. Gowns are of course more traditional than bridal separates, but modern brides are changing their mindset and choosing separates.

Younger brides tend to ask me for solutions to make their dress more versatile. Some might want to use their top for an anniversary event and the bottom for a chic ball or black tie affair. Bridal fashion designers like myself now have to custom
ize pieces to fit the bride’s specific look and style, which nowadays more often than not – are untraditional.

You Should Plan on Shopping Separates If:

  • You’ll be doing A LOT of dancing at your wedding.
    Do you want to be that bride at her own wedding that is not able to dance to your favorite Get Low song with your gals? Imagine yourself in a mermaid dress while “Cupid Shuffle” comes on and you don’t even know if you’ll be able to move in it. Don’t want that to happen? Our Farrah Skirt at Leanne Marshall will save you from that disaster.
  • Your budget is tight.
    Do you really want to pay on average for a bridal gown $2,000? No, save your money so you can invite that friend of a friend that you felt bad you couldn’t invite.
  • Your style is Bohemian.
    Boho weddings are trending and here are some examples of the perfect pieces. Rowena Top paired with Enid Skirt – chic!
  • You want to change for the reception.
    Multiple looks for one wedding? Yes! People will be talking about it for days!
  • You will use the top or bottom for multiple events.
    Are you really going to let your wedding dress collect dust in the back of your closet? Use the top for baby shower, anniversary,  or date night and the bottom for black tie event or ball.
  • You have a small bladder.
    Never thought of that one did you? You don’t want to be that Bridezilla that needs help peeing and fingers cross your bridesmaids are there to help…but realistically speaking this isn’t middle school anymore, you don’t need friends in the bathroom.

You May Want to Stick to a Gown If:

  • You are more traditional.
    If you want to keep the classic white bridal dress look, I didn’t forget about you!
  • You stick to what’s popular.
    Although bridal separates are gaining popularity for unconventional brides, my gowns still top the charts on the sales floor.
  • You don’t want to ruffle feathers with your Mom or Mother-In-Law to be.
    Let’s be honest, it’s your wedding, but keeping everyone happy that day might just do it with a classic gown! 
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