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December 4, 2018
Words by Brianna Williams
Photos courtesy of Masters of Mayfair

While packing for your destination wedding or honeymoon don’t forget to pack the essentials to help you travel in comfort. Masters of Mayfair, a British luxury travel accessory brand, offers a variety of products to enhance your overall travel experience.

According to Masters of Mayfair, the founders Jamie and Katie formed the brand over their own honeymoon where Jamie handcrafted sleeping masks filled with lavender to make for a more enjoyable flight. After sleeping through the entire flight, they decided the creation was too good not to share.

With the Luxury Sleep Mask pioneering the way for Masters of Mayfair, the company now offers compression socks, inflatable neck pillows and calming room and pillow sprays.

Masters of Mayfair describes each product as follows:

The Luxury Sleep Mask is made from 100% breathable cotton for padded comfort, a silk lining to cool the eyes and is infused with natural lavender essential oils to aid relaxation and ease fatigue.

The Luxury Anti-DVT Travel Compression Socks use a Swiss-tested compression technology to improve blood circulation on long-haul flights, car or train journeys. Made with a cotton rich design, they help the calf muscles and lower legs through graduated pressure, making you feel fresh and less fatigued when you arrive at your destination.

The Luxury Inflatable Neck Pillow fits in your pocket and inflates whenever you need it, so no more carrying around big, bulky neck pillows. It’s made from 100% natural breathable cotton and the secure clip keeps it in place for greater comfort.

The Room & Pillow Sprays come in four calming scents made from 100% natural ingredients and essential oils that naturally reduce your heart rate and induce feelings of relaxation. All sprays are vegan-friendly.

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