A Photo App Ideal for Weddings

November 24, 2015
Words by Jennifer Stein
Photos courtesy of Lyve

A detail that can’t be overlooked when planning your destination wedding is photos! While you’ll have your professional photographer taking pictures throughout the day, you’re also going to have guests capturing unseen moments beyond the photographer’s lens. A past trend was buying mass quantities of disposable cameras and placing them at each table during your reception. Thus, encouraging your guests to take pictures for your later enjoyment. It’s still a great idea to have your guests share their photos with you, but now there’s an easier, more modern way to go about it!

Photo sharing apps are nothing new, but they are getting more and more streamlined and sophisticated. Lyve is a mobile app which helps you gather, organize and view your entire digital photo collection from their phone – regardless of storage capacity. Now, the app is a new update that allows invited users to collaborate on a photo collection: Lyve Mix.

The new Lyve app version allows people to capture and share photos and videos from events among a group of any size, anywhere. Here’s how it works:

–       Download the free Lyve app for your iPhone, Android or Windows phone.

–       Create a “mix” as host or join a “mix” that has already been created.

–       Create a private “mix” for your event and then invite friends, family and guests through your Lyve account.

–       Start populating your “mix” with your own photos using the in-app camera. You can also select photos other users have posted and ingest them into your personal Lyve library.

–       Allows for easy, automatic sharing after an event.

–       Everyone in the “mix” has access to 3.0 high-res 2k photos.

–       You can share photos and videos across platforms – iOS, Android and Windows.

–       Access to other participants – everyone in the “mix” can see each other.

Not only is Lyve great for events, but it will help organize your old images, also. Download the app onto your phone and computer and the app will automatically sync and organize photos across all your devices. I’m personally always struggling to find an image – not sure if I took it with my DSLR or on my phone. With Lyve, it doesn’t matter as all photos are organized in one place. Best of all, the photos don’t take up all the space on your device, but are available to you whenever you want them. For more information on the Lyve app or the Lyve Mix feature, visit mylyve.com.

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