Botany Beauty Illuminating Moisturizer

W-Day Skin Care – Hawaiian Style

August 27, 2018
Words by Carolyn Steere
Photos courtesy of Mālie Organics

It was quite a few years ago that I fell in love with the fragrance of Mālie’s mango nectar body cream. Our resort in Kauai blessed us with Mālie bath amenities and I was hooked. My return suitcase was overweight with body lotion, shampoo and conditioner that I stocked up on and since then have ordered these products online. Choosing my fragrance is tough after discovering plumeria, koke’e, hibiscus and coconut vanilla.

I was excited to hear that Mālie had expanded their product line to include facial skin care, so I was not a hard sell when asked to try it out. I have sensitive skin, so the fact that their products are all-natural and organic were an added bonus.

  • Botany Beauty Cleansing Polish ($49): I loved the way this product gently exfoliated my skin and left it soft and glowing. It is used after removing your eye makeup, applying to moist skin in an upward, circular motion and rinsed with warm water.
  • Botany Beauty Luxe Eye Cream ($48): This fragrance-free product can be used in the morning and/or night and is designed to calm irritation, reduce puffiness and firm skin. It tightens the skin and in time it will reduce fine lines and should be applied before moisturizer.
  • Botany Beauty Illuminating Moisturizer ($46): This lightweight moisturizer is infused with aloe vera and pineapple fruit extract and yes, it smells as good as it feels as your skin drinks it up.
  • Botany Beauty Hydrosol Facial Tonic ($45): This is a heavenly floral blend of 100% pure jasmine and rose hydrosols, which reduce the appearance of pores, helps to cleanse skin and minimize oil throughout the day. You can use it as a toner to prep your skin, set your makeup or hydrate throughout the day.
  • Botany Beauty Illuminating Serum ($45): This light, absorbent oil hydrates while providing a natural radiance and healthy glow. It is advertised to deliver a beautifully aromatic experience (true) and can be used as part of a nighttime routine or during the day to refresh.
  • Kauai Clay Mask ($45): Once or twice a week this gentle, detoxifying mask treatment is for deep cleansing and reducing the appearance of pores. It is designed to draw out impurities and hydrate your skin. Once I mastered the art of blending the powder with water to create a paste, it was easy to use.

Mālie’s Botanical line of facial skin care met my stringent criteria. After following the recommended guidelines, my skin was well hydrated and, while it sounds a bit corny, it felt “dewy.” While some of the products are scent-free, the ones with fragrance were delightful.

The skin care line is moderately priced and easy to order online. Based on my own recommendation, be sure to order some Mango Nectar Body Cream while you are at it. 

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