Teeth Whitening for Your Wedding

November 4, 2015
Words by Courtney Kellar
Photos courtesy of Maui Whitening

Virtually every couple contemplates their appearance when it comes time for those HD wedding day photos. One of the easiest ways to improve your smile before the big day is to get your teeth whitened. After a new teeth whitening salon opened here in Phoenix, we stopped by to try out their services. Maui Whitening, aka “The Original Teeth Whitening Salon” has locations nationwide and has a mission of offering affordable, convenient and effect teeth whitening. The company only uses Made in USA fresh, professional-grade gels. Both the gels and lights are manufactured in an FDA facility to provide both safe and effective services.

Maui Whitening offers group discounts, so it could be a fun bridal party gift to take your girls to get their teeth whitened. For your destination wedding, you can stop-in to a Maui Whitening near your home and have your teeth up to 12 shades lighter in an 60-minutes or less. Results typically last anywhere from eight weeks to six months, depending on your diet. They recommend you come in a few days before your wedding in order to have maximum results, but with no diet restrictions.

I had tried several whitening treatments before, from at-home kits to trays from my dentist. All of these treatments had caused me to have extreme sensitivity, but lasting results. My experience with Maui Whitening was that it did not cause sensitivity to my teeth, but the results were short-lived in comparison to the more expensive, dentist office route. Thus, it could make for a great option prior to your destination wedding or honeymoon. One thing to keep in mind is that you actually apply the gel yourself and with the assistance of a tech at Maui Whitening. They then place the light and you wait for your time to be up! My teeth were lightened 10 shades in four, 20-minute treatments. For more information or to find a Maui Whitening near you, visit mauiwhitening.com.

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